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Ok my phone is running SUPER slow, I've deleted all apps that I'm not using and I had a lot of music on my phone like 422 songs and I cut that in half but it was running fine for a good couple of weeks even when it did have 422 songs on it and since I've deleted a lot of the apps it's just been running slow. The internet takes forever to load, any games that I play take forever to load and if I do try to download an app it takes well over 10 minutes to finish. I would like to know if theres anything at all that I can do to make it run faster? Please these is quite annoying.

iPhone 3G
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    hi there

    i take it you have tried a full reset?(bearing in mind you may lose all data,so back them up)

    Also try when you have your itunes account open to check for updates ,in the summary page.

    Try taking out your sim-card,clean it,re-insert it,do this before you do full reset.

    regards madforit

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    If you don't particularly need the Spotlight Search feature, then disabling that generally makes a 3G run faster.


    Go to Settings-General-Spotlight Search and uncheck the items (or as many as you can do without).

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    The internet takes forever to load

    Tap Settings / General / Reset / Reset Network Settings. Restart your iPhone.


    If that didn't speed up the connection, try restoring the iPhone.



    iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch software

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    What IOS are you running? Have you gone from IOS3 to IOS4 in between?

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    Well I backed everything up and made sure everything was upgraded I was told that that could be one of the issues and it worked for all of 5 minutes and I haven't done a full restore becuase I don't know what all I will lose. I'm not technology savy AT ALL. See I thought that maybe its because I've downloaded and deleted A LOT of apps I figure that maybe that has something to do with it but I don't know how to change it.

    And Mr.Gee I'm not a 100% sure as to what my phones running I bought it from a friend of mine who was buying the new Iphone 4 and other than how to play and find stuff I don't know much more than that just the little I've gathered from different discussions. But was far as I know everything that I have is updated to the latest versions, I've backed up all of my data that I want to save, I've changed my spotlight settings and reset my network connection, I guess my next step would be to reset the entire phone like it or not huh? And if that doesnt work any other suggestions? Thanks people I really appreciate all of your suggestions!!! 

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    If you go to settings, then, about, scroll down to version - this will tell you if its running IOS 3 or IOS 4.


    Did you notice itunes asking you to load IOS 4 on?


    I'm asking this as I have a 3G that was fine till I did the upgrade to IOS 4, after that it ran so slow that I didn't want to use the phone. You will see a lot about it within the apple forum rooms.


    Most of your'e problems sound like 3g provider/internet issues. can you compare with a friend who also has a 3g?

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    ok I guess that would be Version and it says next to it 4.2.1 I vaguely remember something like that with ITunes but it would have told me that I needed to upgrade my phone and everyone said that I needed to make sure that my phone was up to date on the updates so naturally that's what I would have done. So this is most likely my problem? Just the fact that I upgraded? Thats kinda crappy updates are supposed to be good for your phone! No most of them if they have an Iphone has the new one so I couldn't do that. Is it better for me to use my wifi connection or 3G?

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    I would say I'm 99% certain that is the problem, like I said, I, and thousands others had the same issue. The 3G proccesor just struggles with the IOS 4.


    Regarding 3G/wifi, I'd go with using your'e wifi at home over 3G.


    If you want to go back to IOS 3, I'm afraid this cannot be done via itunes so you will have to do it yourself. Have a look at this link and read it all 1st, finding the files you need before you attempt it. Also you can Google 'downgrade to IOS 3' which will bring up a load of YT video's on how to do it also. I did this, and my 3G now works like it used to.


    http://lifehacker.com/5572003/how-to-downgrade-your-iphone-3g%5Bs%5D-from-ios-4- to-ios-313


    Good luck!

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    thanks so much you've been a HUGE help!