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how do I open or import a real MIDI-file ( xxx.mid ) in Garageband on ipad2? Neither as Mail attachement, nor via iTunes an import will work.

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    Sorry, the only formats available are wav, caf, and aiff.  It would be nice though, maybe this will be in an update soon.

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    thanx for that, I read this for the latest update of GB too; but I think it's a Bad joke! The producer of the iPad and the developer of QuickTime (the IOS recognizes a xxx.mid-file as file which QuickTime is capable to Open) and CoreMidi publishes a music app (which originally was a MIDIsequencer) that can't Open or Import real MIDIfiles???

    I really hope that this feature is Part of the next update of GB, otherwise GB is worth to be trashed.

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    As i grow old waiting to receive my ipad2 in the mail, I have been viewing the forums to get a better understanding of what I will be able to do on this thing.  I import midi files into garageband on my macbook all the time as a method of teaching myself piano.  I would love to be able to do this on the iPad.  On my macbook, garageband can't "import" midi files but it I am able to drag midi files into an open garageband project.  If this method doesn't work on the ipad, I will just drag the midi onto garageband on my macbook, save it as a garageband project, and transfer it to my ipad.  This will be an annoying step but better than nothing. 


    If someone could give this method a try and respond that would be great!

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    it seems so, that you just can move a GB-session from the ipad to the mac; the way from mac to ipad doesn't work. So here is an alternative I found in the AppStore, it's called Music Studio.

    You can find infos, tutorials here:



    GB may be nice for some folks; in my opinion it's a toy, but no editor.