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    I connected my ATV back up and checked the DNS settings but they already matched my Airport Extreme settings.  I went ahead and entered it again manually but it seemed redundent.  While I was there I also did the 4.4.4 firmware update which was not very big, I think 385mb and it never told you what the update was for.


    Fired up Netflix and it worked the way it's suppose to, but like I said before, we need to give it a few more uses to see if its really fixed. Keeping fingers crossed here as well.  Maybe the mstery update fixes the Netflix issue or maybe it just adds some more Apple tracking software.

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    I had an experience yesterday during the mid-afternoon, ATV download worked great. However, in the evening, it stopped about every two chapters during a movie. When it takes twice as long to watch a movie as it should and customers are limited to watching within 24 hours after start, Apple needs to correct the problem.

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    Did you try network related troubleshooting first?

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    The one last thing I added to produce a favorable outcome was resetting the ATV after manually entering the new DNS address on my router. That enabled the ATV to get a fresh ip configuration from the routers DHCP. It worked for me so I hope it work for you as well.

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    Using a static IP address—manually setting it in the Apple TV's Network Configuration—solved the problem for me. Haven't a single pause or stutter since doing it. Not sure what the problem is but I know this is the least for me.

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    Static IP address sounds like a solid way to go, can you tell us how this is done?

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    Settings>general>network>configure WiFi>pick your wifi network name, enter your

    Network password, once you connect you will see a screen with

    2 options, done or configure TCP/IP , pick configure TCP/IP you will need your router

    info, IP address of router EXAMPLE : subnet mask :

    You will also need the DNS server ip and you will need a ip address that is not

    In use for your ATV Example :


    To get the above info, go into your router. If you have a windows pc

    Going to the DOS prompt from the RUN by typing in CMD and enter

    Will get you to a window that is CLI based, then type in ipconfig/all

    Then hit enter this will give you all the info also that you would

    Get from the router

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    "I wish he superdiver could elaborate on what this change was, since saying a change was made and it now works does not really help anyone.  I also think a wait and see attitude would be in order as well to make sure that this change did in fact fix the issue.  I can get mine to work for a few movies before it goes back into error mode for Netflix."


    Sorry, i wasnt told exactly what the tech did over the phone line to my modem....  but it "works" now...although, not to my satisfaction.  On many of the show I watch I get about 3-5 minutes of the show without any stopage due to buffering, but then it stops ever 10 seconds or so.  I dont have this problem with any other device in the house.


    I have a 5meg download (or what ever that designation is) and my setting is on the lowest quality on netflix.  I am getting fiber installed in the next month or so so hopefully if its just a bottle neck  problem that will take care of it... we shall see...  I think its a ATV and router communication problem from what I have been reading on many differnt forums...but dont really know...


    I was hoping to bypass the problem by airplaying netflix from my phone or computer to ATV but i cant airplay netflix for some reason....

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    "t would interesting if you took your ATV to the home of someone who has one working successfully with Netflix to replace his with yours, and see if it works. Technology can be an incredible frustration."


    I did take it to my neighbors house who has the same download speed as I did and it didnt work there either...  since they worked their magic on the modem it kinda works, as discribed above in my last post...

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    Well Old Post, I have posted about this before, It's still an issue and i do not think apple is posting any fixes. There have been how many updates and not one had a netflix patch.


    With my internet connection i can Stream from my PS3, Xbox 360,Pc with perfect clarity and from my iphone and Ipad perfectly but from the Apple TV 2 blocky and horrible quality.


    My Apple TV is also wired on a 350MHz CAT5e cable on a Gigabit switch, tried swapping cables, HDMI and the gammit. Same setup for all other devices and they hit High/HD  within 1 min of play.


    On average on the Ps3 i have 3-5Mb downloading, for the same movie the Apple Tv never goes past 2Mb. Apple bought movies and Trailers are at 5Mb. Only the netflix under performs.

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    So, really no fix for ATV?


    I htink i might switch to Roku, or find a way to airplay netflix from my phone computer to my TV.


    Do you have any suggestions or know of ways to airplay netflix without ATV?

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    Well this has been off an on and i think if they "wanted" to fix it it would have been done. There are many theories some include.


    1. Maybe apple devices are Throttled by netflix !

    2. Bad Netflix Apple TV app on the device.


    Me personally i think it's a bad app (my 2 cents). If all my other devices play fine and if i launch the app on my iPad and then use mirroring to my TV it plays fine, this cannot be an issue with the connection like apple says since the iPad streams fine.


    For now i am sorry for those who don't have an alternate device. It's worth every penny just not the best for netflix. The Airplay is preety sweet.

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    Can you explain to me the difference between airplay and mirroring?  How do I "mirror"?

  • superdiver Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    and, a seperate question....  What is the best and most reasonably cost effective way to watch netflix on your TV or to airplay (or mirror) netflix since ATV is deffinatly NOT that device!

  • primelink Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Airplay is a feature the App has to support it, So the App decides what to Output so your device works like an extended desktop (pc terms).


    Mirror is an OS feature, The OS Mirror's it's display to the apple TV so whether the app supports it or not it's displayed on both ends.



    Can't answer your other post..

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