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Hi there,

I have Airport Extreme with 2 wireless networks, one for my iMac and my wife’s iPad another one is for kids PCs. All of us are connected only wireless.


Question, how shall I block the kids network my configuration, now when I block the Airport (Turn Off Airport) actually it’s only me who cannot use wireless network, all others still can do it. Purpose is to block the kids using the wireless network during the night. Now my solution is to pull out lan cable between Airport and ADSL modem.


I believe there must be smarter way to do it, I just don’t know how. Could you please help,



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    The AirPort Extreme does allow for timed access of wireless clients connected to it. With this feature you can control when a wireless device (by its MAC address) it can have access to the network.


    You can find this feature in the AirPort Utility. ref: AirPort Utility > Select the AirPort Extreme > Manual Setup > AirPort > Access Control > MAC Address Access Control = Timed Access

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    Your Extreme can set time restrictions on when specific computers can access the network. You can configure them using AirPort Utility:
    Open AirPort Utility, select your Extreme in the sidebar, and press "Manual Setup." If you're asked for a password, enter it. Go to the "Access Control" tab and set "MAC Address Access Control" to "Timed Access."
    Now you can set up the time restrictions.
    To add a computer to the list, press the "+" button. You'll be presented with a dialog that will let you configure the time restrictions. You'll need to enter the device's MAC address. You'll also want to enter a description so that you'll know what device the restriction applies to.
    You can double-click the "(default)" entry to set restrictions on computers not on your list. When you're finished, press "Update" and allow your Extreme to restart.