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  • Dale Marcell Level 1 (15 points)

    Not sure if anyone ready what others have posted, or do they just post what comes to mind.


    Let me help you out if I can.


    1) Apple's iCould services provided by Apples new data-center is only 1 week old.

    2) They have only just got started.

    3) They will provide much more information

    4) Other service, like iWeb hosting and iDisk will be provided.

    5) Stop with the negative comments, it's not going to help.



    The problem with designing something that’s totally idiot proof is that society is always designing a better idiot ~Steve Jobs

    Lukum wrote:




    I appreciate non-emotional attitudes. However we need to stress that positive speculations are as vain as negative ones. I got an email from Apple yesterday, and basically they say:

    1) MobileMe will be replaced by iCloud

    2) Address book, calendar and email will migrate to iCloud, and by next fall (2011) customers will have more details about that migration

    3) MobileMe services will be definitely closed by June 2012


    According to Apple's communication, I read nothing about a plan/an alternative to iDisk/iWeb/photo galleries. Most of the people in this forum struggle with that simple fact: Apple announced MobileMe will be suppressed, voilà! I do not think customers have to carry Apple's doubt (if any) about iDisk/iWeb alternatives. As for many, my MobileMe account was automatically renewed recently without Apple letting us know anything about their agenda (=iCloud). Even if I keep my MobileMe account for mail and sync services until next year, by no mean I will implement the available 20 gigs available with data and iWeb/photo galleries, because I do not want to put myself in a worse place than now. In other words, for now I see my MobileMe account as a simple waste (money, time, energy) and this is due to Apple's communication only. If they announce better plans soon, then I'll change my mind.




  • Wyodor Level 6 (19,730 points)

    The problem with designing something that’s totally idiot proof is that society is always designing a better idiot ~Steve Jobs

    Apple even provide the idiots with a forum.

  • Dale Marcell Level 1 (15 points)

    Yes,  and it's interesting to see what people have to say.


    But my point I was attempting  to make was: Apple has a very aggressive line of web services that will be offered in the near future. Apple also knows the most people will have problems trying to understand it! So they introduce only small byte (sorry for the pun) size bits of information that our feeble minds can digest.  In doing so, it confuses the people that it's trying to help out in the first place. It's the people that don't trust Apple that are upset the most. They can't comprehend the complexity of the situation. They are todays idiots.


    "What Apple is also doing, is keeping its game-plan secret from companies like Goggle and M$." 

  • David King1 Level 2 (150 points)

    Me too. I left a very polite but pointed request.


    Hopefully there are many of these, and they are polite, to make Apple pay attention.

  • edos Level 1 (0 points)

    here are few iweb user sites - maybe people here could add to this page and then submit it to Apple ?



    + your site

  • BackPacker57 Level 1 (10 points)

    Nice site AMMOCAN

  • Kent Silveira Level 1 (15 points)

    Also, if looking for an iWeb replacement to work with MacHighway...may I suggest RapidWeaver.  It's not quite as intuitive and the templates aren't quite as extensive or elegant, but with plugins it is much more extendible and potentially powerful.  Apple has been featuring it prominently on the App store ( which was another clue as to their intentions with iWeb right there)


    it is on sale for 10 days for $29.99 and includes a free update to RapidWeaver 5.   Smith Micro is offering the special.

  • C.A.220 Level 1 (0 points)

    Noted on another website forum: "it will be the same thing as the @mac to @me conversion but you will keep @me and everything will be on the icloud service. If you need more then 5gb of space they are going to offer payments for more gb."

  • Dale Marcell Level 1 (15 points)

    A little info on Rapidweaver, please do not buy it from Smith Micro. Use the App store and downloaded that way. Also please note that the cost of Rapidweaver is very low, but the add on software called stacks may add up .

    Go to  and have a look at whats offered. Custom themes can be downloaded before buying,  if you have any questions on this product let me know. It's not that hard to learn, and the best way to learn is signing up to Rapidweave classroom.  This app has a very strong and active on-line community, something that iWeb did not.

  • AMMOCAN Level 1 (140 points)

    Thank you BackPacker57.

  • Lukum Level 1 (55 points)

    If you don't want to go CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, Rapidweaver is certainly a good alternative to iWeb. I'ts easy to handle, intuitive, has many extensions and templates, and you can modify templates with ad hoc software.

    Note however that layout possibilities are higher in iWeb than in RW. Also, having a password protected website can be a hassle with any RW-like software (the best is to publish in an https directory), and blogging features are not that advanced in RW either.

    On the other hand, RW generates lighter pages that load much faster than iWeb pages (this is a well known issue, notably because of png files generated by iWeb). Load speed depends also on where your host server is located. I always had very low loading speed with iWeb on MobileMe (loading times from Europe are way higher than from the US).

    Anyway, I have and use RW for >5 years now, and I'm very happy with it. But if Apple could make evolve iWeb software and iCloud hosting services altogether, I wouldn't mind using iWeb again.



  • nanettefromegg harbor city Level 1 (0 points)

    I would be nice if iCloud would host multiple sites, since multiple sites can be created in iWeb.  Also, it would be nice if Apple would upgrade iWeb to include meta data so people can find your site when searching the Web.


    These are two big issues I have been dealing with recently that will cause Apple to lose me as a faithful customer.

  • Dale Marcell Level 1 (15 points)



    Apples new Internet services will cover a lot of ground. Apple can't post all of its new "iCloud" bag of tricks all at once. As it is, the new info that they have provided will take time to review and understand. Keep positive. They will provide what we need very soon.


    That said, if Apple makes cut's and pulls out MobilMe services that we all use and need without a replacement service, then it will be time to complain!

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,140 points)

    Dale Marcell wrote:


    That said, if Apple makes cut's and pulls out MobilMe services that we all use and need without a replacement service, then it will be time to complain!


    No, then it will be way too late.  I find your repeated assertions that you have some kind of inside info about new services that will ensure our continued access to resources located at homepage/web/ urls totally unconvincing so far.

  • The Miff Level 1 (15 points)

    I've been a member since 2000. Between 2000 and 2008, I did a lot of traveling around the world, and posted my albums with stories using Homepage. That was discontinued, and 8 years of experience are now sitting in unusable html files.


    I was told that I could keep using instead of as my email, but now many contacts are getting emails returned when using There was also days of no-access during the crossover.


    I have a very important site up, and if it will be 'evicted', this is the straw that breaks the camels' back. I refuse to purchase anymore services from Apple, unless there's a short-term goal. For a paid-for service, I have had too many inconveniences and let-downs.


    And for those complaining about 'negative comments', come on. This is inspired by the patterns of the past with Something may or may not be happening to our important data, and we're just supposed to wait and accept the outcome? I'm no longer one of those Mac fanatics who see Apple as God-like. I pay for a service, 10 years plus, and get swept under the rug again and again.


    I won't be an iCloud subscriber, maybe just a survivor.

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