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melissa223 Level 1 Level 1

Does anyone kno if an iPhone can be repaired

iPhone 3GS
  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Anything can be repaired with sufficient time, materials, and funds.


    Could you be a bit more specific about your problem?

  • GZukes Level 4 Level 4

    Yes, an iPhone can be repaired depending on what is damaged.  If the iPhone is still under warranty and the problem is covered by the warranty, make an appointment with the Genius Bar at your local Apple store.  Keep in mind that the iPhone will probably be replaced rather than repaired.  If the iPhone is out of warranty or the damage is not covered by the warranty, Apple offers an out of warranty repair service for $199.  Again the iPhone will probably be replaced with a refurbished unit rather than being repaired.  You also might want to search the internet for iPhone repair services or repair parts.