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So I have the original iPad.  Just bought about 2 weeks ago.  Having a problem on my work wireless where is says it is connected but it will not open Safari or any apps that require internet access.  This problem comes and goes.  The wireless will work in the morning and then stop halfway through the day.  My iphone is connected to the same wirless at work and has no problems at all ever.  I have tried hard re-set, resetting network settings, shutting it on and on, turning off wireless and turning it back on and still wont work.   The IP address is a 169. address and I have read online that this is the problem.  Is there any way to fix this without just returning the thing?  All the software is up to date.  Gets absoultely annoying that it works on some free wireless networks and not others.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    It's not your iPad.  It's the fact your wireless is not consistently seen.  Some routers simply work better than others or are more reliable.  Not Apple's fault.  It happened to me at my office and I own the place.  If you read the IP address is a problem you won't find some magical setting advice here.  Have you checked with your IT department or have the ability to switch out the router or change the router settings?

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    The 169... IP is self assigned when the router does not issue an address and the process times out. Try resetting the modem/router to the factory setting and the iPad as well.


    To reset the iPad press & hold the Power and Home buttons together for 10+ seconds, ignoring the red power-off slider, until you see the Apple logo.

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    Its a huge company and I really dont want to bother them with an iPad issue.  I just find it strange that my iphone connects perfectly fine 100% of the time to the wireless but the iPad does not.

    I cant re-set any modems/routers here at work.   I have tried the Power/Home button shut down and that does nothing as well.  I really dont want to re-set the factory settings on the ipad and lose everything on there.  Not sure what to do.


    I also had this problem several times on vacation this past weekend where it would say it was connected to the internet but would not work.  Iphone worked fine.  Think I may just have to take it back.

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    Ask your tech people nicely.  Resetting the router shouldn't create issues for others.  In fact, it isn't a bad thing to do once a blue moon anyway.  Tech people usually understand and like the challenge!