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Is there a way to save the zoom level for the Safari browser? I always have to adjust the browser to zoom-in when I open it. I wish I could save this setting somehow?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,360 points)

    Command + or - will increase or decrease the entire page or from the Safari menu bar click View / Zoom Text Only.


    Unfortunately, there isn't anyway to save the "zoom"... another idea is to open System Preferences from your Apple menu (top left in your screen) then select the Universal Tab. You can enable Zoom there. Or, in System Preferences select Displays and try a different resolution.

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    There are a couple of Safari extensions which do a "saveable zoom setting" thing. (This doesn't contradict what Carolyn has said, because typically they don't use Safari's built-in zoom ... they implement their own sort of zoom.)


    All Pages Zoom (in the Productivity section of the Extensions Gallery) might be worth a try:



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    I wasn't aware of that Extension. Thanks for the heads up!

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    No problem. I went searching in there a few months ago (?) for a topic, and found one or two that seemed to offer "zoom-ish" sorts of things. I'm still getting used to the reorganisation of the Gallery, so I'm a bit confused about which ones I looked at back then. (I think All pages Zoom might be newish.)

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    I'll check it out.

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    >>Is there a way to save the zoom level for the Safari browser?


    Yes - use an extension as suggested above, or create a custom style sheet specified in Safari-Preferences-Advanced


    Paste this into textedit



    body {
    zoom: 120%; }

    as the content, then save it as a plain text file, zoom.css for example, and point Safari at it via the preference mentioned above.
    120% is about one click of command+ when tested here, different screen size may affect it - but you can easily alter 120 to something that suits you.



    Having said that - many find that it's only the text they need larger, and Safari-Preferences-Advanced-Never use font sizes smaller than...   is all that's needed. Try 13 or higher.

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    Thanks very much. This works great!

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    Unfortunately as I have documented in a recent thread .. These extensions and the use of the stylesheet zoom completely screws up any of the 'hover' mouseover functions that aim to produce a popup window with additional info.



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    Yoo Hoo . . .

    Andy gave you the solution!

    Way to go, Andy!