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I have added a song at the beginning of the movie and one at the end.  I am trying to figure out the time remaining to better match the song lengths to the remaining movie length.  Is this possible?  In iMovie HD there was a handy time line below the film strip so you knew where you were at in the overall movie timeline.  Is there a similar feature in iMovie 09?  TIA.



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    No there is no TimeLine function in iMovie'09 - and a very basic one is restored in iMovie'11 but far from iMovie up to HD6.


    So may be You should take a look at FinalCut Express - as long as this is for sale. Here You got a 100% working TimeLine tool (and so much more)


    Yours Bengt W

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    In iMovie's menu, click on View then select Playhead Info. A black box with white text will appear above the playhead showing the day, date and time recorded plus the elapsed time. At the base of the project window you will also see the total running time for the project.



    Playhead Info.png



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    Further to Bengt's mention of the improved timeline in iMovie '11, here's a picture showing how it looks. For those on iMovie '09 (including Mike, the OP), it's well worth upgrading to iMovie '11 - there are many new features and enhancements (including the single row timeline view).