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I can't exit out of them, I know how to see which are running, by double-clicking the home button, but how do I close them? In each app there are no options to exit.

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    You don't need to. The OS will close them automatically if I needs to.


    All the apps shown when double clicking the home button are not all running. That is a list of most recently used apps. The only apps that continue running are GPS, VoIP and Audio apps. The rest are just frozen in memory.


    To remove an app from the list touch and hold on the icon and press the X.

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    Ah, so just because they show up in that list it doesn't mean they're still running? Thank you


    Is there a way to tell if an app IS still running though?


    I feel really stupid here, I only got my iPad a couple of days ago and no manual with it, not that I usually read them anyway until I hit a problem, I prefer to explore, but....can an iPad actually be turned off? If so, how?


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    ipad can be turned off/restarted as you do your mobile phones.


    on the top right side, there will be a button.

    if you press it once, it will lock your screen. If you press and hold for some time it will switch off. To turn on, again you must press and hold for some time.


    for the manual, you can go to safari. there is a bookmark made for the manual. you can open from that.




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    Is there a way to tell if an app IS still running though?


    Apps themselves don't actually run in the background. There are a small number of "multitasking services" which apps can use which do run in the background.


    a) Background location. For instance a SatNav app which updates your location in the background while the app is not active. A purple arrow will be in the top bar if such a service is running.


    b) Background audio. For instance a music player. You'll be able to hear audio playing if such a service is running.


    c) Background VOIP. Such as Skype or Fring. You'll be talking on a call if such a service is running.


    d) Task completion. Such as an app that continues uploading a photo when you switch away from the app. In such cases, the app will finish the task it was doing and then stop.


    The iPad User Guide is available as a bookmark in the Safari browser, as a free iBook from the iBookStore and as a PDF download from: http://support.apple.com/manuals/#ipad (there's a piece of paper in the iPad box listing these).

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    Every one of you either has no idea what they are talking about. Apps do indeed run in the background. They are not just "frozen in memory". The original poster is absolutely correct that it is unclear how to really close one. I found these instructions online:



      • 1 Press the iPad's "Home" button twice rapidly. The "Home" button is located below the touch-sensitive display. A list of your recent apps appears at the bottom of the screen.
      • 2
        Touch the icon of an app in the list and press your finger until the icon starts wiggling, along with the rest of the app icons in the list.


      • 3 Tap the minus sign inside a circle on the top left corner of the icon of an app that you want to close. This removes the app's icon from the list and closes the app. Continue this procedure for each app.
      • 4
        Swipe your finger to the left against the list of apps to scroll and see more apps if you want to close more of them.
      • 5
        Press the "Home" button to stop any remaining app icons in the list from wiggling.
      • 6
        Press the "Home" button once more to return to the iPad's home screen.
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    I think they do know what they are talking about.

    Don't get me wrong, your instructions to remove apps from the recently used list is correct. But as Julian said, only a select few services actually run in the background.

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    Many, many apps still run in the background. For example let's take a cheesy game like Zombie Farm. When (supposedly) frozen in memory it will wake the iPad up from standby and post notifications that something has completed in the game. If it was not running, that would be impossible. That could be argued that it falls under "task completion", except that everything in a game would also fall under that category using that rationale. That doesn't only apply to games either, it applies to most apps. We have an app for monitoring customer sites within my company. It runs in the background unless you shut it down. There are no background services like sound etc. There are no tasks. It's a network monitoring tool. It just doesn't exit. There are hundreds of thousands of apps (if not millions) and these are just two simple examples. This applies to most apps though.


    I'm an IT guy at my company and quite often get support requests for this exact issue. Apple devices are not often power cycled and this tends to leave many users with a LONG list of open applications. Next thing you know the device sluggish due to lack of resources.

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    Jlevitt wrote:


    I'm an IT guy at my company and quite often get support requests for this exact issue. Apple devices are not often power cycled and this tends to leave many users with a LONG list of open applications.

    May you be forgiven.



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    iOS: Force an app to close



    The click the x on wiggling apps works on my iOS 6 iPod, but not iOS 7 iPad. But this link here seems to be the real way. However, when I restarted my iPod, my Free memory went up a lot. When I then closed 26 of the 96 apps that showed up along the bottom after the home button double click, Free went down and Inactive went up. But still had lots more Free memory than before the restart.