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New to Aperture I imported all my events from iPhoto.

Now I like to move all projects (old iPhoto events) into a year based folder structure. Could this be automated based on date?


Similar to iMovie folders



    my Event A

    my Event B


    my other event Q

    my other event Z


Currently I got automatically from the iPhoto import


iPhoto Import


        my Event A

        my Event B


Hence I don't want to move photos into new projects/folders, but actually move the whole project with the photos inside of it.

The reason is that the project name name has a important meaning to the photos.....


Another approach could be to add keywords to the photos and recreate new projects in the wanted folder structure?



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    It could be automated using an AppleScript but not in Aperture as it is.



  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Projects View will do this for you.  Set it to group by year.  Within each year you can sort by Name, Date, or use the order of you Library.  You can drill down to show Projects from only one year.


    Many find the following an awkward shift from their way of doing things, but IMHO once you get used to it, it opens up a useful second-level of organizing with Aperture.  Since sorting (and some grouping) by date is already hard-coded into Aperture at the Project and Image level, there is no reason to reproduce it in your Library structure. You can always group and sort your Projects and Images by date.  Use the Library organization for another function or service that helps you flow your work.


    I have some long posts in the last year in which I flesh this out.  Right now I don't have time to find them, but a search may turn them up.


    Re-organizing your Library is a chore, but is not hard.  One helpful hint is to use Projects View to select Projects, then double-click them to have the selected in the Library tab of the Inspector, from which you can move them into the folder of your choice.


    Be careful to allow Aperture to finish all processing before shutting down or sleeping your computer.


    Good Luck.

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    Yep I see. It is built in...


    Now I need to do something else more useful with my folders