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I am no longer able to add or delete items from my iTunes wishlist.  I was able to delete items until a couple weeks or so ago.  I think adding worked until a day or two ago.  When I click the X next to a song that I want to delete, the row immediately disappears, then a second later the page refreshes itself with the row present again.  When I attempt to add a song by clicking the drop down and "Add to Wishlist," the song is not added to my wishlist.


It looks like the removing might be partially working but very slow (a couple hours or more), because it seems when I came back the next day, there were less items on the wishlist then before.  Maybe tomorrow the song I attempted to add will show up.


This is inconvenient because I have to keep separate lists of which songs I'm interested in, and I have to search for songs by title anytime I want to listen to their previews again.


Refreshing the page by clicking Wishlist by my name in the upper-right does not fix the problem.  Signing out and signing back in also does not fix the problem.

iTunes 10.2.2 (12), Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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