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Hi, in the past I used to "group" movies with a specific item on iTunes (Program name), doing so watching with my Apple TV 1G they were rendered as "grouped" on the list, let me to explain: suppose to have three movies of "Toy Story" (1, 2 and 3), using that field in iTunes with the name " Toy Story" on Apple TV 1G I had a single movie title " Toy Story" with a > and clicking on it I can select one of the three movies.


This was very useful to limit the large number of movies into a specific genre...anyway this don't work anymore on my Apple TV 2G that took the place onto my previous one (1G).


I don't know if the problem is about 2G or to iTunes version so I'm asking here hoping to have a reply.


Anyone could make a test and let me know if I have to change something ?


Thanks, best regards.



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    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it, yes it's very frustrating and represents one of a handful of features the Apple TV 1 had that the 2 doesn't. Not that it's important but it's not just limited to the Apple TV, all iOS devices are afflicted by this. Whether or not it can be achieved under iOS I don't know.