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My account said that it was disabled, i reset my password, but my account is still disabled and I do not know why?

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    I have the same problem. I went to an Apple store; the tech used a new password & said it would take a few hours to enable my itunes acct. That was yesterday; it' still disabled.

    Has your problem been solved and, if so, how?

    Please email me with your solution at ernieschu@aol.com

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    I have the same problem.

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    did u guys figure this out yet my screen glass needed replaced so i had not used it since i did the downloads that apparently all need updates however my account has been disabled?  reset passwords  combined both apple ids to one changed credit card reset notices?   very confussed  any one have any kind of idea its on my imac and i just bought a new iphone and now i cant even download free apps  nutts cause i need to update from snow lepord to lion beofre my mobile me data is gone forever yete i cant do cloud on my imac without accessing appl online store through what oh yea my apple id?  what a mess and to think I paid 100 last may only to never use mobile me- at least I could thin i could get my stuff off before its erased and lost!