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I'm trying to create a slideshow on ATV that contains photos of an event like a party as I add the photos to iPhoto.  I'm using an Eye-Fi card in my camera which will upload photos as I take them into the iPhoto Auto Import folder.  I've then setup an iPhoto smart album named Todays Imports and I point my ATV to that folder and start a slide show.


ATV will pick up all the photos as of the time it connects to my library but it won't refresh from my library until I stop iTunes and restart it and reconnect to my library.


It would be great if I could have a setting in ATV that says to periodically refresh the photos from the library while the slideshow is running.  Then I can pass the camera around during the party and as people take pictures they would show up on the TV's slideshow.

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    I really want this to happen, just from a basic user level of wanting to see new iPhoto playlists without having to jump through unecessary hoops! Please make it easy to use!

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    The refresh of the iPhoto library is a huge issue for me.  I can't figure out what the procedure is.  Sometimes restarting iTunes will do it.  Sometimes, that pulls in a more recent library, but still doesn't containt the latest edits. 


    Does anyone know how to force AppleTV to pickup the latest photo library???


    This whole issue is lame.  Having to walk over to the computer to restart iTunes to get the latest content?!?!?  What gives?  What's the point of AppleTV then?

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    There is a workaround for this kind of thing.  Not exactly elegant, but it does the job.  I, too, prefer to keep a Reference library on a NAS, rather than keeping the library and originals on the system volume in Pictures (iPhoto default).  It involves using the Terminal to change a file attribute (in my case the file Modification Date, but it could be anything selectable as a Finder View option) that will identify it from the pix already imported into iPhoto from an existing directory.


    What I do is keep a 'touch' folder (named '_rawPix' for me) where I copy all new pix over to.  When I'm ready to organize into existing subfolders, I follow the helpful directions from Rajesh Patel's blog to change Mod dates.  Then I organize the mod'd files into their respective folders in the Finder on the NAS.  Then I can open each folder, View by Date, drag the newer pix into iPhoto albums (ie directory equivalents), and voila...updated/refreshed iPhoto directories.


    It ain't pretty, but its routine.


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    shuttersnich does this on ipad..works flawlessly!

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    Can shuttersnich pull pictures from diffrent smartphones automatically at the sme time with no preset (aut recognize of the smartphone)?