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My mac pro has been running very obviously difference for the last few weeks, and I cant determine what could have caused it or why it is happening.  It is affecting some of the most basic actions... such as switching spaces, internet browsing, spotlight searching, etc.  The overall system hangs quit often.. My computer usually never does this.  it also hung up and completely froze on me today, which hasn't happened since I bought it i don't think maybe twice in years.


I have done disc utility checks, disc defrags, etc.  What are some other recommendations of thing to check that could be the cuplrit.  Could I have bad RAM, Video card, software issue... i'm at a lose. and not sure what directions to go.


2 x 2.8 GH quad-core intel XEON

10 GB 800 MHz DDR 2 FB- Dimm  (4x 2gb & 2x 1gb)

2- ATI Radeon HD 2600 Cards

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Check the console log and the system log for error messages. Boot in safe mode and try to reproduce the problems.


    Mac OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?

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    Disk Warrior + SuperDuper


    A program to scan for bad sectors.


    Replacing the twin 2600s.


    A clean install and careful update.


    USB cables and devices as well as any printer drivers etc.


    The ideal RAM configuration is 8 DIMMs though may not be of enough value but that model is different in that setup.


    I find too often that Disk Utility was not enough, and that there can be problems that are missed.


    Clone the system, repair w/ DU and DW, then test and troubleshoot. Create a new user account to see if that helps.


    Freezon system and hard restarts have generally not been something that even a safe restart would fix, as much as it is suppose to clean up and check the directory.