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I seem to have an onging issue with Safari in my iPhone 4. When I am in the App Store and click on an App to download, I get the error message that states "Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid".  Keep in mind I am IN THE APP STORE and clicking on the icon provided by Apple, which should link me to an address one would think is valid...   Can anyone help with this?  Aside from this annoyance, the phone works very well.

iPhone 4
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    Does this happen on both WiFi and cellular data, or only on one (or the other)? I ask because it sounds like a DNS error, but that would only happen on WiFi if your router has an incorrect setting.


    If it happens on both cellular and WiFi go to Settings/General/Reset and Reset Network Settings. You will have to re-enter WiFi passcodes, but nothing else will be lost.