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I paired up my iPhone 4 with MacBook Pro, but when I try to connect from device to MAC (I click on the device in iPhone to connect), I get "Connection Unsuccessful 'MacBook Pro' is not supported" and the MacBook Pro disappears from the list of devices...


I have Mac OS X v.10.6.7 and iPhone 4 with the latest firmware 04.10.01


Here is the Bluetooth settings


  Apple Bluetooth Software Version:    2.4.0f1

  Hardware Settings:

  Address:    90-27-e4-f4-40-58

  Manufacturer:    Broadcom

  Name:    MacBook Pro

  Firmware Version:    20 (487)

  Bluetooth Power:    On

  Discoverable:    Yes

  Vendor ID:    0x5ac

  Product ID:    0x8218

  HCI Version:    4 (0x4)

  HCI Revision:    487 (0x1e7)

  LMP Version:    4 (0x4)

  LMP Subversion:    16916 (0x4214)

  Device Type (Major):    Computer

  Device Type (Complete):    Macintosh Portable

  Composite Class Of Device:    3670284 (0x38010c)

  Device Class (Major):    1 (0x1)

  Device Class (Minor):    3 (0x3)

  Service Class:    448 (0x1c0)

  Requires Authentication:    No


And here is the MAC settings


Model Name:    MacBook Pro

  Model Identifier:    MacBookPro6,2

  Processor Name:    Intel Core i7

  Processor Speed:    2,66 GHz

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iPhone 4 04.10.01
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    This is not a feature of iphone.


    Bluetooth is for stereo headsets/speakers, handsfree telephone devices/headsets, some peer-to-peer apps from the app store, and tethering where provided by the carrier.



    Other than this the iphone will not connect to  a computer/phone/device.

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    Unfortunately, this is not true.  I've been to the Mac store recently when my phone & MacBook Pro the same (and recently it's stopped working again - and I can't fix it on my own so far), and the support folks there got it tethering over bluetooth when I was there. 


    Maybe it's not documented, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fix it if it wasn't possible. 


    But now that mine is toast again, I think I'll continue to tether with Bluetooth to my linux netbook (as it works fine) and use USB for the MacBook Pro, as the Bluetooth connection is just unreliable. That plus the fact that I just can't fix it in a reasonable timeframe...

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    So after being at Genieus, what did they do to make it work? Pairing between my new MacAir 13'' and my iPhone 4, iOS5, does not work. I receive same notice as you got "connection unsuccessful" and right after "Forget Device" with no other options.

    I don't have such big understanding in Computers but only a small basic advance understanding so I need a litle bit wider explanation.


    I need the BT also in order to tether, and do not understand what does it means that tethering should be provided from the carrier.


    Appreciate the help, I've bee too lasy to write about this problem for such a long time, now I have found this forum and really looking forward for some help!!!



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    Hi there,

    I guess after about a year none has useful news about but I'd like to share I'm having the same trouble myself with my macbookpro (macos x 10.6.8) and my just-out-of-the-package iphone 4s...it's just so bizarre you can't use old BT to move files between two edge-tech devices like these...