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Hi All,


Apologies if this has already been covered but I have conducted a search and can't seem to find another thread which mirrors the problem - probably not looking correctly.


I'm running iTunes 10 on a late model MBP running Snow Leopard (latest version with all updates). My music library is large at 267GB but up until now, iTunes has only acted as a storage area for me to transfer to an ipod/iphone etc.


Now I want to play the music directly from my MBP but am having problems as not a single album will play in order. I can see that all of the track numbers are in place (and this is confirmed when I look at each track in more detail using the get info function).


However when I play an album I will obviously start at track one and it then either jumps to another track within the album (but not track two) or it will jump to another album altogether. I also have a Macbook Air with a much smaller library and this problem does not occur.


All of the music is either imported from a CD or downloaded from a reputable source. The problem is really annoying - does anybody have a solution?

Solved by Chris CA on Jun 6, 2011 9:22 AM Solved
Click the Shuffle button at bottom left of iTunes window so the crossed arrows are not blue.