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    It might help if you saw this little handy tool for people looking to upgrade. Read the bottom part.


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    I would like to add that i currently am living in Lima Peru, and i am trying to upgrade my system from Leop to Lion.  I went to the I-Store "sense they do not have any Apple stores in this entire country" and they did not have any apple products, no snow leopard no nothing only computers.  I asked the people if they could help me and they said they could install Lion on my sytem from Leopord 10.5.8.  So they told me to make an apt to there store, which i have sent 2 emails already in trying to do so and calling them muiltiuple times i have had no response.  I am affriad i will have to try to see if Apple can mail the CD to my address in Peru which is difficult as well.  I just wish there was a easier way to upgrade to Lion or even Buy Snow Leopard in this country.  I will let you know if the I-Store every e-mails me back for my promised apt.

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