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I've tried downloading iTunes using both Firefox and Internet Explorer on both my desktop pc (Windows Vista) and Laptop (Windows 7) and even temporarily disabled the Norton Internet Security and Pop Up Blockers...still to no avail. Internet Explorer just sits there saying "21 hr 40 min" left and freezes at that point.

iPod touch, Windows Vista
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    Me too! I have a new iPad2 and cannot set it up as I can't seem to download iTunes 10.2.2. on my PC running Vista. Download starts ok then stops, at 4.30 MB, or 5.2 MB or 19.90 MB. I even got as far as 53MB before it just stopped. I have tried using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Tried from my iTunes 9 (check for updates), no good and phoned Apple Support who said try disabling anti-virus software and firewall. Did that, no luck. Tried uninstalling both QuickTime and iTunes 9 to no avail. (Now reinstalled). I have tried downloading over and over again. I give up. I will have to get iTunes 10.2.2 setup.exe file from somewhere/someone else to load on my PC. Any suggestions gratefully received.