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My kids were using my wife's iphone and unknowingly they made 3 separate in-app purchases of $99.99.  I've logged into my account and reported a problem with these 3 separate purchases.  Can anyone confirm if this is how you properly report a problem to request a refund for an unauthorized in-app purchase?  The iphone app is Trunk of Treats by Pocket Gems, Inc.  I give this app a big thumbs down.  Apple please help.  Thanks

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    You can try this.....


    Usually, you are on the hook for the purchases no matter how they occurred. I see that the Pet Hotel has the ability to lock out in app purchases so you have to be a bit more careful in the future if you are going to give the kids the iPhone to use. I think you still must enter a password for in-app purchases so I'm not sure how that happened that your kids were able to buy without your knowledge. So deductively, at least the way I see it - the purchase was authorized - just not by you.


    I must admit I know nothing about in-app purchases so I may be missing something and I am really not chastising you for the actions of your kids. I'm merely stating that there are safeguards built in to this process that you have to use and that Apple is under no obligation to refund your money.


    However, if you plead your case with Apple they may allow you to get a refund - it would not be the first time they will have done so.

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    Thanks for your reply.  I think any in-app purchase for $99 is a fraud.  Especially when a whole new MacOSX upgrade is less than that.  Apple should ban any app charging this much for individual inapp purchases i could see in app purchaes at most being from 0.99 up to $9 dollars but $99 in-app purchases.  To me this screams fraud.  I hope apple can help me out.

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    I sympathize with your situation. I really do. some of these games in the app store open the door for unwary or less savvy users (like children) to really rack up sizable credit card purchase in no time. I was a pretty big time gamer back in the day on my last iMac. The game of the day was Diablo 2 by Blizzard. I lost half of my early fifties to countless hours playing that game. LOL. I bought the whole kit and kaboodle - expansion pack included for about $60.00. No add ons needed and no additional purchases.


    My point is that IMO its a shame that these developers can't produce an full - here it is- entire quality game for a reasonable price that does not require additional in app purchases.


    You can leave Apple iPad feedback here if you care to do so.

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    I too was stung this morning by two unexpected credit card bills of $121 each for "Trunk of Treats" and "Pouch of Treats". I had downoaded Pet Hotel for my daughter to play using the ipod Touch. It was in the list of top free apps and I simply clicked the download link without seeing any info or warnings about in-app purchases.I had no idea in app purchased were enabled by default on my device. The way I see it both Apple and Pocket Gems are to blame for this.   Surely Apple can set limits to purchases to small dollar amounts. I agree with isaac - these large amounts are certainly fraudulent.

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    Pocket Gems game Travel Zoo 2 appears to be in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), 15 U.S.C.§§ 6501-6508, in 1998.  COPPA contains a requirement that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC or Commission) issue and enforce a rule concerning children’s online privacy, which the Commission did in 1999. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, 16 C.F.R. Part 312, became effective on April 21, 2000.


    Pocket Gems Travel Zoo 2 is targeted at children below the age of 13.  Apple appears to be complicit with Pocket Gems in this violation and may also be liable.   The in app purchase function facilitates the release of private information--a credit card number--by little kids without clear parental consent.

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    That pocket gems link was of course removed. 


    Here is a link to the FTC that explains how to file a complaint:


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    The in app purchase function facilitates the release of private information--a credit card number--by little kids without clear parental consent.


    No it doesn't. Children can't have credit cards. The child needs the password to the parents account.

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    No password is needed if you (the parent) have used your password within 15 minutes.  That is the default setting.  There is a way to disable this setting, but you have to know about it in the first place in order to know that you need to disable it. 


    Apps like this, Pet Fair Friends, Pocket Zoo, Pet Hotel, etc, are clearly intended to be attractive to children and seemingly harmless from a parent's perspective.  However, it allows exorbitant in-app purchases of "coins" or "tickets."  The app will very quickly be prompting a child to make purchases.  If you have handed your device over to a young child within 15 minutes of using your apple id, these in-app purchases will be deemed authorized. A young child, particularly one that can't read yet, can be prompted by the app to rack up hundreds of dollars of purchases in a few minutes.  The device owner will not know anything about it until an email arrives the next day showing hundreds of dollars charged to their credit card.

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    We have been scammed by iMob 2 app (by duping our 7 year old playing a free game) and we both have no idea, as it did not ask for a password or credit card information when my child was asked to buy virtual purchases.  Why would virtual purchases cost $99.99 a piece, for what in return?  If this is not a scam, I don't know what is.  So today I am just finding this out and like you, looking at solutions to credit my money back to my credit card. I still have not gotten any response, but here's what I found out what you should do for in app purchases:  contact (via email) the developer.  The contact information of the developer is on the app itself which you can find in the apple store.  Go to the App Store and search for the app and click on the app.  Once there, you will see a link "App Support" on the info page of the app.  You will see the developer's website and just go to the internet and google the company.  Normally, you will see in the company's website the "Contact Us" which will allow you to email your concern or issues. On the iMob2 website's Contact Us page, it asked for my email address and a box to type in my message.  I gave them the detail of my purchase that appeared on the email from iTunes but I deleted my real name and address on the bill.  I thought they only need the transaction detail.  Hopefully, I will get a credit from them.  Anyway, to protect yourself in the future, go to your iPhone's settings, go to Restrictions, and disable the in app purchases (sellect "off"). If purchases are not in app purchase, follow the direction below (which I copy pasted from the instructions that you can also find at iTunes Store):

    How to report an issue with Your iTunes Store purchase


    You can report issues with your iTunes Store purchases directly through the iTunes Store.

    Products Affected

    iTunes Store

    To report an issue with a purchase, follow these steps:

    1. 1. Open iTunes. If you are already signed in, skip to step 4.
    2. 2. Choose Store > Sign in.
    3. 3. Enter your account name and password, then click the Sign In button.
    4. 4. Choose Store > View My Account:

    1. 5. Click the Purchase History button:

    1. 6. Click the Report a Problem button at the bottom of your purchase history:

    1. 7. Click the arrow next to the purchase with which you want to report an issue.

    1. 8. Click the Report a Problem link next to the item with which you wish to report an issue.

    Note: You cannot use Report a Problem for free content or In-App Purchases. For issues with free apps or In-App Purchases, you will need to contact the developer. The developer's contact information can be found on the application's information page from the App Store. To report a problem with a free song, contact iTunes Store Support.


    1. 9. Click the Problem menu:

    1. 10. Choose the option that best describes the issue. If none of the options match your issue, choose "My concern isn't listed here."
    2. 11. Write comments about the issue (optional).
    3. 12. Click the Submit button:

    The iTunes Store's Customer Support team will contact you as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours.

    Additional Information

    For troubleshooting information see Troubleshooting applications purchase from the App Store.

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    Apologies if thi is bad etiquette but I am not good with this . 

    On 3 occasions Zynga poker has charged my card for chips I never asked for and never received.  I contacted iTunes support and despite explaining the situation on 4 separate emails, I have been unable to get them to understand.  First I was told I must have made the purchase. Then that it was an accidental purchase, then an in app purchase and finally it must have been someone who had cloned my card and so they have now blocked me and my card.  We are talking about 3 charges of which the highest was £2.99. No one clones a card for that. 

    I have emailed the support people 5 times since this happened and they are ignoring me. 


    I would like 4 things.

    To be reinstated along with my card

    To find out how the charge could have been made without my knowledge and without me receiving what I have been charged for

    To find out how many others are being charged for stuff in a similar manner.

    Why am I now being ignored?

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    My child have made purchases of over 1000 dollars in one single day on my wifes ipad! I realized when I got the e-mail notifications. 100 dolars for some stupid food trunk!? How is this possible I have no idea! But I will fight tooth and nail to get my money back even if it costs more to do so.

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    I just ended up with unauthorized purchases over 500 bucks!  Not really sure if there is anything I can do about it!  All kids stuff! 

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