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  • AnthiasDiver Level 1 (0 points)

    13 pages of comments without a real answer and, sorry but this is my opinion, thousands of useless words.


    The original post asked how to permanently DELETE and get rid of unwanted apps from everywhere, iTunes, mobile devices and computers.

    Sometimes you just download and even purchase an app because you think it suites your needs and then you understand you don't like it, or it's too big and wastes a lot of space on your hard disk and you want to simply remove it for ever.

    Hiding it from the list it's just like moving garbage under the carpet. It's still there.

    Many of you wrote the "solution" like they discovered the magic formula.


    It simply doesn't work and Apple should modify this:


    Let's say you hide the purchased unwanted apps on iTunes and let's say these apps are 90 on a 300 total apps.

    For some reason, one day your computer crashes or you delete by mistake the Downloads iTunes sub folder.

    When you setup a new copy of iTunes it may happen that you App screen on iTunes is empty and if you try to update the apps iTunes tells you that there is no app to upgrade.

    The only thing you can do is to connect your mobile device to your computer and by right clicking on it, select Transfer Purchases

    Et voila: all your 90 unwanted apps appear again by magic in the list and again you have to hide them one by one.


    All of you that discovered the Hiding "SOLUTION": do you think this is a solution???

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    I know what you mean dude, same thing happened with me, but after I removed the things from iTunes, I signed out of my Apple ID on my iPhone and then signed back in and the removed apps (or hidden apps!) were, well, hidden! and even after I reinstalled iTunes on my laptop after some issues, the hidden apps were still hidden, so, try that

  • Steven Shmerler Level 1 (75 points)

    Apologies if this has been covered, but I'm jammed and can't read thru 14 pages of posts many of which are off topic which happens often to lengthy threads.


    Aside from the great reasons to wanting to control what shows in your purchased tab such as: adult content when you have kids that access your Mac, or they were free and bad apps, I'd like to add: what about apps that are no longer available or in appropriate for your Mac such as:


    I'm running lasted version of Mt. Lion, yet App Store has Mountain Lion in my Purchase list with a Download button.


    I also have a later version of StreamToMe installed, but Purchased tab shows version before (before they changed the app name). Yet this one has an Install button.


    Another app isn't available anymore, but has an Install button.


    If App Store Purchase database has enough info to know if apps are available or not, it would seem possible to have such happs not show with an action button such as Download or Install.


    What might be a nicer approach, is to have 2 tabs: "Purchase Current" - for apps that are not on your Mac and available for installation or download.


    Then maybe: "Purchases All" - which would show all apps BUT the unavailable and inappropriate ones NOT have buttons that can't and don't work like: Download or Install.


    And for the adult apps, perhaps a checkbox when you download one that hides if from your Purchase list if you have kids.


    I realize this is to other users in capable of making changes. I always find other users' comments semi slapping posts like mine saying stuff like: we're just users like you, send your comments to Apple Feedback. Sending concerns and recommendations to Apple Feedback goes without saying. But not posting about them here is an aburd notion. This is a Forum for discussion about our experiences. And this particular thread is about a problem with managing App Store Purchases display.


    If we don't post first to us, we may find there is a preference that a fellow user could advise all of us about which is far more helpful than a one on one, one way communication from a user to Apple Feedback where even the sender never hears back a thing.


    We ABSOLUTELY NEED to first post our concerns, user experience, problems in the Forums for all users' sake and edification whether there's a fix or pref setting mentioned or not. Why else would Apple have a point system for solved issues, if not for Apple hoping to stimulate the Apple Community helping itself.


    Aso if if Apple ever reads these Forums to see what the concensus on certain issues are, then of course we want our concerns and issues documented here and not hidden in Feedback. In the Forums, you also get to see many points of view and history on an issue. Very helpful often.


    Lastly, instead of just one of us sending Feedback to Apple, in this thread with 14 pages of comments, what if all the unique posters were to send Feedback so Apple gets a better sense of what the community is concerned with?


    So to all you who feel it is better to hush people posting problems in favor of posting Feedback to Apple, I couldn't disagree more. We need to do BOTH IMHO.



  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,931 points)

    Steven Shmerler wrote:


    This is a Forum for discussion about our experiences. And this particular thread is about a problem with managing App Store Purchases display

    No, actually, it's not. It's a user-to-user technical support forum. I believe the technical support aspects of this issue have been thoroughly covered in the parts of the thread you didn't bother to read. Discussions of Apple policy is, in fact, in direct violation of the Terms of Use to which we all agreed when we signed up.


    Best of luck.

  • Steven Shmerler Level 1 (75 points)



    I couldn't agree with you more. But I'm concerned that I seemed to have upset you and absolutely didn't mean to. The fact that I didn't read the entire thread, wasn't out of disprespect, which is why I stated I hadn't read it all at the start of my post. I'm honest that way.


    The reason was that I wanted to comment on an aspect of a post I read which didn't matter if I read the entire thread. I've seen the comment in other treads over the years too.


    This is absolutely a "user-to-user technical support forum." And because I agree with you, my point is for those that say to other users: this is a user forum and since we can't help, just post to Apple Feedback. etc.


    I agree that we users obviously can't change things, beyond advising others how to use our software or hardware, but because these are "user-to-user technical support forums" it's my feeling we should post our experiences here, so the public can see they are not alone with their issue.


    My point is to encourage posting their experience here and also posting to Apple Feedback.


    If everyone only posted to Apple Feedback, then none of us would benefit from our communial conversations.


    it's my feeling that a win/win is posting here and also to Apple Feedback.


    I certainly wouldn't violate Apple's TOS after being a loyal user for so many years. If I did, I apologize.


    But importantly, thank you for all the time you give all of us and sharing your wisdom so freely. The Forums wouldn't be as they are without people like you! Thanks again and my apologizes if I insulted you in any way. I would never do that.


    All the best,


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    I found these directions (to permanently hide past purchases/downloads in the app store/itunes history:



    1. Upgrade your version of iTunes to the newest version.  (idk if this really matters...)

    2. Click on iTunes Store in the lefthand column of iTunes and log in to your account.

    3. Find "Purchased" in the Quick Links menu on the right hand side of the Store home page. Click on it.

    4. You should see a list of your downloaded apps on the screen. Mouse over any app that you wish to delete. A small "x" in a round circle will appear in the top left corner of the app icon. Click the "x".

    5. A notification will pop up telling you that your purchased app will now be hidden and how you can un-hide it in the future. Click OK. The app will disappear from your purchase history in iTunes and all associated iOS devices instantly. Verify this on your iOS device by navigating to your purchase history in the App Store.


    I just tried this, and it worked.  I was able to hide a few past downloads that are no longer used or wanted.


    Now that Apple got a huge court settlement, they should use that money to create a way for us to permanently delete past purchases/downloads.

  • Jose maryjane Level 1 (0 points)

    I need help with that two because my cousin has been downloading games on his ipad without permission and I need to know if I can erase all the games. So that the games he downloaded will be erased of his ipad

  • paulcb Level 6 (19,110 points)

    Just erase the games from his iPad.  Then, so he can't do it again, restrict purchases in Settings > General > Restrictions.

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  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,931 points)

    I'm sorry but your post doesn't make much sense in English. You may want to try posting again in your native language.



    Best of luck.

  • AnthiasDiver Level 1 (0 points)

    I perfectly understood the sense of that message. Do you have any impairment or disability?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,931 points)

    Yes, I do. It's an inablity to read badly punctuated rants all in capitals. The only legitimate excuse for the poor punctuation and the use of caps is a lack of familiarity with English. There is no legitimate excuse for the ranting part.

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    Do these steps:


    1. Open iTunes
    2. Find in sidebar (view → show sidebar) list: Music, Movies, TV shows... Apps. Click on Apps
    3. Select "All" (or some device) on top filter
    4. Select one or several items with shift button and press delete on keyboard
    5. Click "yes" and remove files ro trash
    6. Clean your trash
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    I faced this problem while trying to delete Puffin from my iPad because my free trial had expired. However deleting and downloading it again didn't help. This is how I solved it:


    1. Go to settings and select iCloud.

    2. Click on "Storage & backup".

    3. Click on "Manage storage", and then iPad/This iPad.

    4. Under the Backup options, click on show all apps.

    5. Find the app you'd like to remove, then slide over the green bar on the right. Now it asks you if you want to "Turn off backups and delete the backup data from iCloud". Click delete.


    Hopefully this was useful for someone at least. P.s. english isn't my native language but I believe you can understand

  • Kladt Level 1 (0 points)

    The only thing I could think would work,

    1 ----  Link your current apple id to a secondary email and remove your credit/debit card information from the account

    2 ----  Create an new apple id with your old email then add your credit/debit card info onto the new account.

    3 ----  Then reset your idevice and apply the new information when prompted in the initial setup.


    If all works well.. In theory, you should have a brand new account with a clear App Purchase History.




    Cons: If you try this method, any apps, music, movies, etc that had been purchased with actual Money may or will be lost forever with the old account.


    UNLESS!!!! you can somehow recover your old purchases into the new account you created with your old email. But I dont know if that will work OR EVEN WORSE.. If it will bring all your app download history with it. THEREFORE MAKING EVERYTHING YOU JUST DID.... TOTALLY....... POINTLESS.


    Apple. Please fix this issue asap.


    With Respect,




    PSSSSS - -  If you try this and it works. sign into your old apple id on the apple website and let us know.