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    Yes... because getting email notifications about replies like yours are much more helpful.  Since you have been waiting so long, and already know of this way to address your issue, I'm going to try and help you too.  This "IS" Apple's answer.  If you no longer wish to be annoyed by silly little people like me.  I sugguest you try to find a way to cancel your notifications.  Sorry to dash your dreams.

  • S1eepy Level 1 Level 1




    That’s pretty far out, man.  While I appreciate your concern for Apple’s accounting department and their strict adherence to federal commerce laws, it might help to try thinking about it like this....


    The deleted apps in our purchase lists are equivalent to the 'proof of purchase' labels on the bottom of a box of… say... Frosted Awesome Corn Puffs cereal.  The accounting department at Frosted Awesome Corn Puffs Inc., hereto known as FACP Inc., does not need our ‘proof of purchase’ to account for their sales. They have paper & electronic sales receipts and databases full of purchase orders & customer information. The records at FACP Inc. are very similar to the email receipts that Apple sends us after a purchase, and the account purchase history that can be found in iTunes > iTunes Store > My Account > Purchase History.  All we’re asking is that apple give us a sharp pair of scissors so that we can cut the pesky proofs of purchase off the boxes of our ever-so-scrumptious-cereal, throw the boxes away, and stuff the nicely trimmed squares of cardboard into a little envelope so we don’t have to riffle through hundreds, nay thousands, of empty Frosted Awesome Corn Puff boxes in order to find our breakfast, and by breakfast I mean our ever-important apps!


    I’m going downstairs for some toast milk, goodnight.

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    Apple Watch

    How does it impact the App store on devices? By "hiding" an old app, does it stop from telling you there's an update (if it's still installed on an iOS device of course!). Does it gets listed on the now freaking long list of apps "not on this device" that I have? That would be great....too much clutter here as well. I don't care if anyone finds out I tried 3 stupid farting apps and 5 different flashlight apps. I just hate having to scroll through a long list of uninstalled apps if I don't have to. It's almost like if this is the way for me to pay for the **** thing that was free in the first place. We have too many long list of clutter in my opinion. If hiding it removes it from there, I'll look into it as it would definitely be a plus. Just leaving the receipt in the purchases list is fine, no need to list it elsewhere in my opinion, it's just combersome.

  • Jacques Mesrine Level 1 Level 1
    Apple Watch

    On a slightly different note. Where can we see this list of purchases online?

    I don't and can't have iTunes at work, is there a way to access it from a browser?

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    Thank you

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    I would like to know if you ever found an answer to this question, or if there is a way to do it on the iPhone 5 with the latest iOS software and newest iTunes.  I can't seem to find a way to delete the old free apps I've previously downloaded and subsequently deleted on either iTunes or my iPhone, and since I didn't go through the app store on my computer/don't have an iCloud account, I don't know how to get rid of those apps.  Sure, they don't show up on my screen, but when I sync my phone I see a lot of apps that I have removed and uninstalled, and I can't help but wonder if they're just hiding idly on my phone, which is why my apps take up more GB than I think they should.  Anyone have any updates on this issue?

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    People repeat and repeat the same unwanted answer.

    The guy who made the post is asking for deleting permannetly, not for hidding. Is very different.


    I am totally agree with him: Is unbelievable that Apple don't have this option.


    People don't want to hide want to delete, erase, desapear for ever.... And is not only about purchased app, is that you can neither delete those app you have download one day to watch, or proof or for whatever and you can't erase them.











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    ...and Apple will delete your post if you go too hard on them....what a pity!!!! Shadiness, not willing to satisfy customers will only make Android stronger....Delete this one too, by the way!!! Shame on you!!!!

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    It is very easy to permanently delete all apps on the iPad3. Go to settings, then general, then usage, then storage. Under storage, click on "show all apps". Then click om the app(s) you want to delete. The word "delete" will appear there. Apple DOES have a delete apps function, it is simply hidden and can be found under my steps above. Cheers!

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    You are posting incorrect information. Re read the original question. The OP wants to remove the purchases from his purchased history - not delete the apps from his iPad,


    Quit spamming the forum with incorrect information already, please!

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    I can tell you why Apple wont allow this in my opinion. A lot of apps give out free content for downloading and running certain apps. If you could go in and delete an app from your purchase history it would allow you infinite times to do this. This would also cost the maker of the app a lot of money, because they pay some sort of ad fee or referral fee to the company that you were in their app. This has to be the most logical reasoning to all of this. So if this is true which is highly likely this will never be an option so let it go after all these years!

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    Well you are 100% wrong because you can hide your purchases by going into the app store then the purchases list and swiping left on a certain app. It will hide the app from being shown.


    Unfortunately your statement was entirely illogical. Lol

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    Cool88 What is your problem? Do you need help?


    Askhuntuy why do you continue repeating the same nonsense answer that all the blind fans of Apple repeat, that has nothing to do with this post. I refresh your minds: < is it possible to remove apps from the purchase history in my itunes account? It's just with the purchased option now coming up under updates in the app store I would like to remove some of the free apps that I dont use> Is it clear? To remove not hide.


    Demo you are the guy of the house. Remove in English, that is not my native language, has different meanings, I guess you know that. The problem and the desire for the majority of people, as you can see in the first answers to the post, is to delete or remove for ever or erase from the purchased history Apps that they don't want to have there, and not only to hide from the list. Demo I have read your answer in the first page of this post. May be you had reason with the purchased App, but why I can't delete or remove for ever from the purchased history the free Apps that I didn't purchase?


    OTher thing Demo. Their records are their records. My devices are my devices. If I want to delete or remove from my, I repeat, my purchased history not theirs, because is it a list that  is in MY DEVICE. WHY I CAN'T? They, Apple, can keep in their records what they want or need, but if customers want to do something so simple, as to delete from their purchased history Apps, why Apple doesn't have the detail and consideration with this customers.

    And all this people who don't want to delete or remove for ever from their purchased history, good for them, but I don't understand why they are trying to justify the unjustficable. That Apple don't care for a great group of customers that want that option, so they can opt freely to have in their devices what they want.


    Chadmess you can call yourself the "likely guy: "has to be" "if this is true" "highly likely" "infinite times". All your answer is about suppositions. Apple is business if they pay a fee to Apple for each download great for Apple.


    Techiefromcincinnati you are one of those who ilogicaly repeat constantly a response that is not the matter.

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    Hi Cool 88  I didn't understand your claim, I thought you were asking to me. But what I see is that they deleted your previous post, this deletion can be done.

    Your post was good:


    What happened to customers first?!?!?!?!

    Apple customers have been complaining about not having the option of deleting permanently from THEIR RECORDS...on THEIR DEVICES, any apps they might have tried and do not use anymore and Apple has been just about INSENSITIVE about these complaints... since at Least JUNE 3, 2011 per this thread....

    Well starting today I am taking this fight on and will be posting on every social network possible a petition to have Apple get out of their "Comfort Zone"...


    WHat is the problem with your claim. Can somebody answer to me. Is that you say the truth?

    This Apple fans or employees are really closed in their minds.

    I like Apple but because I like it I think, the things can be done better.

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