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    Arturo1957 whatever you said above doesnt make sense to me at all...Email App Store support and ask them if the reason you cant delete an app from your purchase history is due to what I have said and I guarantee you that is their answer. So it is not about suppositions or whatever youre trying to say it is.


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    The only way of stopping people looking what you are doing! is to set up another Apple ID, and swap from one to the other on your i phone 5. You can do this on on - Settings - Itunes & App Store - then clicking on your Apple ID - Sign out and enter your ""Secret Apple Id, you dont want anyone knowing about" all you apps stay the same on your phone. you loose no data, just the purchase history is removed. and then you just delete the apps you dont want!


    Hope it helps someone out there!!

  • TianyinLu Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, it makes sense. You are right, thanks!

  • Yurh33 Level 1 Level 1

    great news you can no longer hide apps directly on your iOS device running iOS 6. Feature removed.

  • Oly-oly Level 1 Level 1

    I think there is a way to delete those apps:

    in iTunes go to library - apps, there will be a list of all purchased apps. Right click on one of them, then choose "delete", then it will ask you whether you are sure and whether all the files should be moved to trash. Choose your answer and voila... the app is removed and no longer in the list of apps.


    I used this article to get the idea /

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    This doesnt delete the apps I dont think there is away to delete apps at least from the Ipad.

    Under Account Information there is a link for Itunes in the Cloud / Hidden Purchases and all the apps you have hidden can be seen and can be restored.


    This is the one thing I hate about Apple once you have installed a App its there to be seen forever.

    So if you try out several Apps that are similar and just want to keeping the one you like you can delete from your device but the record stays in the Cloud incase you want to unhide and install again.


    Any other help in deleting Apps from the Cloud would be helpful

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    I don't understand the logic behind "taxes" and so forth with regards to the US government tax system. Google is a US company and on my Android I can delete app purchase history.


    Again Apple is lacking in awesome Droid features. I still use my 4S, but more as a glorified iPod and occasional game play on the tube/metro...


    Fix up Apple...

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    You ant be serious about removing when you've been given an option of hiding. Hiding will not show it to you anyways. You can't go to a grocery store, purchase stuff and then say don't show that I purchased this arse cleaner.

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    While restoring purchases on a new/replaced device from iCloud, if iOS does not restore HIDDEN apps from my iTunes account, that would be the right solution. If I need to reinstall a hidden app, I just unhide it and restore. This way, all the apps are there in our account but only the VISIBLE apps are downloaded to our device.

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    the point is that apple USED to enable users to hide purchased apps, but have since removed this function. so therefore they have already proven it is possible. had they been doing anything technically illegal by including the function, it would surely have made headlines. the fact is that nothing of the like was reported anywhere, (or at least, i cannot find any reports old or new online, and do not recall this issue ever hitting the headlines) , so my guess is that it is purely down to the personal preference of someone within apple that the function has been removed.

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    This is a BIG problem. You can hide unwanted apps in iTunes and they won't show up on your computer. However, they are ALL still listed on your iPhone in the App Store. And I mean all. Every app you ever downloaded. Right there on your phone. Remember that "100 Sex Positions" app you downloaded 3 years ago and deleted (and then hid in iTunes because NOTHING can be deleted in iCloud)? It's still listed on your iPhone in the App Store under "Purchased" apps. This is a serious problem that doesn't seem to be taken seriously by Apple. Spread the word!

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    This is really annoying as all the hidden apps now reappeared on the list since I started to download apps. Now I have a useless long long list full of crappy apps and games that will not download anymore.


    Let's see if they release patches to this issue as it seems that they are going backwards.


    With iOS 5 you could hide apps directly on the device, with iOS 6 was restricted to do it just through iTunes. Now it is not possible anymore.....

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  • adeclose Level 1 Level 1

    that is not a fix. the items return as soon as you sign back in.

  • noidea001 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, in my case they have not reappeared on my iPad 3.


    What I would recommend is to follow the steps in reverse order, first step 2 then 1.


    Also, just signing out and back in does not work. You have to sign out from your account and reboot the device (hold menu bottom and standby bottom at the same time until it switch off).


    Then sign in to your account and check the purchased list.


    Hope that it works for you too.