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    I am not using iCloud, but I suppose that it "syncs" with iTunes. Doesn't delete the purchase history in iTunes not delete it?

  • ukigirl Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree! I go through tones of free horrible applications that i do not want on my ipad and iPhone. Bad idea this time Apple.

  • HuskieN Level 3 (980 points)

    Apple does not read these forums and does not take suggestions from these forums. Please visit the link below to provide feedback directly to Apple regarding an iCloud feature.



    This feature is still in Beta until iOS 5 comes out in Fall/September, so everything is subject to change.



  • HuskieN Level 3 (980 points)

    If you're afraid of someone seeing your purchase history and the content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, I recommend using a passcode along with the Find my iPhone feature activated on the device.



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    Ya this is definitely a bad move by apple. I mean let's be real here people share iPads Apple can't expect everyone to buy iPads for themselves. One of the biggest problems I can see this occurring in is in the classroom. How can a teacher expect his/her boss to approve of him/her getting another iPad (so more kids can learn using it) if a child decides to go on the app store and buy an extremely inappropriate, possibly adult themed app and scar it's purchase history!!! This happened to a teacher my mom knew. It was very sad. Currently the only way to lock the app store's purchase history individually but allow the use of opening other apps is by jàilbreaking. And that voids the warranty of the iPad. But if you can't even delete the purchase history, or even and parental controls to lock out people from viewing the purchase history, jayelbreaking is unfortunately an option to consider. And not only the classroom, what about the computer!!?? People at home who use iTunes for personal use is very exploited because if you exit iTunes and turn off your computer, someone could easily just turn on your computer and open up iTunes (you will still be logged on to iTunes) and view all apps you purchased (free and paid apps purchased) as well as music you got (free and paid music purchased) that is a big problem with families that share computers (Mac or pc they both have that exploit)


    Please fix this CRAPPLE we are waiting please leave beta experiments for beta iOS only please. Would seem like a no-brainer.


    My mom is a teacher and schools are waiting for you apple. Make the iPad safe for everyone to use and download apps on!

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    These are user-to-user forums and are not monitored by Apple (there are too many forums/threads/posts for that to happen). If you want to leave feedback then you can do so here


    If there are items in your purchase/download history that you don't want other people to see then logging out of the account (Settings > Store) removes the purchase history from being accessible without needing to jailbreak the device , and you can prevent new purchases/downloads by setting a passcode lock on Settings > General > Restrictions and setting Installing Apps 'off'. Similarly you can hide purchase history on a computer by logging out of your account on the Store screen in iTunes (just tap on your account id on the top right and 'sign out')

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    I know! That is what's so frustrating about the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhail! You have to log in, then out, then in, then out, then in, then out, then in, then out, then in, then out, then in, then out, multiple times a day, 360+ days a year just to hide one app or song for whatever reason! If a person had a family computer, man, they are so done for!!! And sure you can turn installing apps off. But you will have to keep turning them on and off and on and off!!!! You would think crappie would have thought about this huh they do "think different" lol very... "different".


    And this is what surprises me the most about apple. (yes I know applets and cotlets won't read this and this is just user to user blah blah blah thank you appl- I mean moderator) YOU HAVE TO ENTER IN THE DANG EMAIL AND PASSWORD EVERYTIME IF YOU NEED TO HIDE JUST ONE DANG THING!!!!!???!?!!?!


    Crapple needs to stop "thinking different" omeyegawsh seriously if they keep this up they are going to make that dang "iBike" lol DO IT DO IT DO IT

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    You only have to log back in if you want to use the stores, not to use the device or the rest of iTunes on your computer. Being able to see your purchase history makes it a lot easier to re-download apps - previously you had to find each app individually in the store and re-download it. So for a lot of people it's a useful feature (especially if you get a new device). If it's not useful for you then use the feedback link.


    If you buy apps or music that you don't want your family to see for some reason, then set up a second iTunes account that you only use for that type of content, and log in and out of it when you want to download from it.

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    I just have to get this out of my system before I continue on with our more than delightful conversation. I HAVE ALMOST NO RESPECT FOR EVIL BIG CORPORATIONS THAT CAN'T LET USERS DELETE THERE PURCHASE HISTORY. Okay let me continue.


    Personally I can't stop laughing, I find it somewhat amusing that apple expects us to just buy apps and then stop getting more and not be somewhat unsatisfied about that. How is that going to affect app purchases? Apple is in their own little utopian world where there aren't any bad and inappropriate apps and that kids don't have parents that might be curious to see what type of music they like to download. This REALLY makes me want to get apps from another app prvoider. Amazon let's you do it, google let's you do it, yahoo let's you do it, (not really, but yahoo is much much better than all of the companies i listed above so I am sure Yahoo would do it when they set up a paypal copy) oh pshh ya and paypal does it too but no one uses paypal anymore.


    Heck. Even Scientology does it. (I know lol)


    Also, my mom is still waiting.

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    Also, thank you for trying your best at giving me advice on how to hide things from my family.

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    Why don't you buy a Windows PC? You are the guy who says "I do not want my front door closed because I do not like to open the door when I walk through" and then you are shouting when somebody else can walk through the door too!. Get lost.

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    I don't plan on buying a computer because I will be tempted to download iTunes and that will put me at a vulnerable risk! (read earlier posts by me)

  • MitchellAbbott Level 1 (0 points)

    Also let's keep things positive around here no need for "get lost" save that for

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    This is a recent e-mail I sent customer support.


    "While I do appreciate some recent updates to iTunes that allows users to re-download previously purchased and deleted content, the lack of an ability to permanently delete content is distressing. I have more than 600 apps in my iTunes history, but many were 'one and done' to test them out. Now I have to put up with sorting through them in my download history.  Others are apps that were time sensitive and waste space since I will never re-download them. And yet others are of a personal nature that I'd prefer that my significant other not see. She never needs to some of the apps I once purchased. Now I'm uncomfortable having my girlfriend my devices.


    Furthermore, the Apple TV updates now place all my previously purchased TV content right in to the device.  Even shows that I long ago deleted. I often watch my young niece and nephew and all the programs, even those not suitable for these little tech-savvy kids, are at the finger tips. It means I either have to watch every show with them to make sure they don't open up old episodes of the Sopranos or turn the device off. I'm going to turn the device off.


    I've long been a loyal Apple customer,  I own an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, two Apple TVs, but these updates have me questioning my loyalty to this company. Because of Apple's decision to strip customers of the ability to manage their own purchases I cannot recommend Apple or it's devices.


    I strongly encourage your company the rethink it's current stance on customer management of legally purchased content."

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    I just downloaded iTunes 10.5 and the request feature is packed in!

    Now we can hide some items from the purchases list.


    Hidden items are still visible but in a separate section under account informations (password protected).


    Solved! (...i think)