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New Iphone 4, i can hear clicks, my itunes works - but i cant hear any sound on my apps?  Ive checked settings and audio, but no luck.  Tried playing with the volume buttons too....


Anyone had this issue?

iPhone 4
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    i hace exactly the same problem, but i can't find any answer

  • Mikee Level 3 Level 3 (595 points)

    If you quit the app and restart it, the sound will return.


    To truly quit an app :


    Press the home button to leave the app.


    Double click the home button, this will reveal your recent apps,

    The last one you used will be on the left. Press and hold the app's icon

    And a 'x' will appear at the corner of the icon. Press the x and the app

    Will quit.


    Click the home button again, then restart the app in question.

    Your sound should now be working.


    I don't know why the sound stops, this happens to me on all my

    IOS devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod.


    Hoping some future update fixes the problem, but until then my

    Method works.

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    I tried that, but it didn't work... I've shut off my iPad and turned it back on again, but I still cant hear sound from any of my games. The internet works fine, I can play music, but no sound from games...?