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I tried to find in the preferences to stop Safari from asking "remember this password?" for a specific website? I use remote website to remote in various computers out in the wild. But each time, the url is different for each session for security purposes, so I do not want safari to ask me every single time when I remote in.


How do I stop it from asking for password for one specific site like put in DO NOT ask for xxxxx.com? I am using Safari 5.

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Reply by Carolyn Samit on Jun 7, 2011 2:15 PM Helpful

Try deleting the password for that site...


Quit Safari. Now open Keychain Access. (Applications/Utilities). Select Passwords on the left.


Delete the keychain for that site.


Relaunch Safari. Navigate to the site. Enter your user name and password as usual. When prompted to save that data, click Never.

Reply by Carolyn Samit on Jun 7, 2011 3:15 PM Helpful

Since this is a "remote" situation. Perhaps Firefox or Chrome...

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