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I updated to iOS 4.3.3 on my iPad, now my apps close immediately after I open them.


Built-in apps are OK, but all my added apps no longer run!




I have rebooted using the sleep button held down for 10 seconds.   No joy.

Now, I was advised to hold down sleep button and home circle button at same time and disregard the red bar... this reboots to Apple circle, but still apps close really fast after I try to open them.


This actually started several hours after my update, not right away, but that is all that changed.


Very frustrating!

iPad, iOS 4.3.2, iOS 4.3.3
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    You can try this. Close all of the recent apps. Double tap the round home button and all if your recent apps will appear at the bottom of the iPad screen. Tap and hold down on any one of the app icons until all of the icons wiggle. Then tap the minus sign in the left corner of the app icons to close each app. Tap the home button again to return to the home screen


    Restart the iPad and see if that helps at all. If this doesn't help, you may have corrupt data in on of the apps causing a problem.

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    Jeanne ... You answered my post in a totally different thread but I did read it. If the problem is in the OS, why do the built in Apple apps not cause the iPad to crash? That reasoning makes no sense to me. Did you try closing all of the apps like I suggested and then restart?


    Another way to approach this is to remove all of the apps from your iPad. Do this by removing them when you sync. Simply uncheck all of the non Apple apps and sync. Then - one or two apps at a time- add them back on to the iPad by resyncing. Use those one or two apps and see if they crash. If they don't crash, add one or two more apps and try those. Keep repeating the process until the iPad starts to crash again. You should be able to narrow down which app is causing the problem.


    Are you sure that all of these apps are compatible with 4.3.3. as well? Check in the app store and make sure that they are.


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    Very interesting tip, but no good.  (I will have to remember this tip for other issues)


    I still cannot run apps. (even after closing all the recent apps and rebooting)

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    Well I am out of possible solutions. As far as I know - and heaven knows I am not an expert - The standard fix is to remove the apps and add them back in one or two at a time to pin down which app is causing the other apps to crash. It takes some time and effort, but it may work for you.


    One last suggestion ... if you backed up your iPad prior to the update - and that is always recommended before you install the updated software - you could restore your iPad from that backup. That would get you back to where you were anyway.

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    Yes, Restore is always an option, but one I was dreading, and hoping the problem was systemic with the new iOS, but it seems it's only me.



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    Are you still having this issue? You mention you have a 3rd party device that gives you a USB port and let's you add a webcam. Did you get an app for this device? If you got that before your upgrade, you might try removing it and reinstalling it. If that does not help, try contacting the 3rd party developer and see if you can confirm that the device and app are compatible with the new iOS update.


    One thing that can cause an app to quit/crash is if there is not enough free system memory (as opposed to storage memory). You might try getting the app named System Activity Monitor. It will provide you with a view of your system memory usage.


    When you sync, are you being prompted to send in information to Apple?

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    Yes It is very frustrating!, After ios5 update on my ipad2, i start spending more time on opening same apps again again.... :-(