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thomasfrommount isa Level 1 Level 1

iPod Classic not working at all.  Tried resetting with no luck.  Tried to restore - comes up with [The iPod "iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1439).]  How do I fix a 1439 error?

iPod classic, Windows Vista
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    I'm having the same problem as you (I think). My iPod Classic 160 gb got corrupted and I can't put songs on it. I tried resetting the iPod, changing connections, and completely reinstalling iTunes, but nothing has worked yet.


    When I plug it into a usb drive on my Laptop (OS: Windows 7) it says "You need to format the disk in drive G: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?" If I click cancel, nothing happens and I can usually go to iTunes. If I click Format disk, a new window appears with many options (Capacity, File system, Allocation unit size, etc.). If I click start (no matter what options I chose), a message appears saying "WARNING: Formatting will erase ALL data on this disk. To format the disk, click OK. To quit, click CANCEL". Sounds scary right? None the less, a message always appears before the formatting can do anything saying "Windows was unable to complete the format."


    When ITunes opens, a message appears saying "iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode. You must restore the iPod before it can be used with iTunes." I can click "ok" and the click the restore button, but after a while the load fails and it says The iPod "iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1439).


    This is really irritating! I just want to listen to music on the subway and bus! If anyone has any ideas or tips that would be greatly appreciated.



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    This is EXACTLY what I have been dealing with... Have you figured out anything to do about it???

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    I was trying to reformat ipod video clasic from ios to windows, was getting error 1439.  Here's what worked for me:


    1. Put ipod in disk mode - hold menu and select buttons until apple logo appears, immediately hold select and play buttons until check mark appears.
    2. Connect ipod to pc.
    3. iTunes recognizes ipod and tells me it needs to be restored.  Try to restore, get error 1439.
    4. Close iTunes
    5. Open "My Computer" to see list of drives/devices
    6. Right click ipod
    7. Select "Format"
    8. Select "Start"
    9. Once finished, open iTunes.
    10. Restore ipod
    11. Victory


    Hope this helps.