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I am fairly new to OS X, recently making the jump from Windows.

And I haven't looked back and don't think I will!


I have come across quite a few problems during the transition when it comes to hardware, but usually it came down to my error with configurations.

I am struggling with one issues and hoping someone in the apple community has overcome this and can maybe share the knowledge?


Here goes:


I have an AOC e2239Fwt multi touch monitor, works exceptionally well for a cheap touch screen with windows 7.

However it hardly fuctions at all with MAC OS X, I have tried numerous touch screen device drivers with a glimmer of hope it may make mine function correctly.

But they didn't, I have tried imtouchbridge, eol and 3m drivers non of which have worked!


It recognises its a touch screen but I have to put 2 fingers on it to show the mouse cursor, but then its as if I have left click held down and it also is about 2 inches away from any of my fingers!


If anyone can help it would be massively appreciated and if you can't, thank you for taking your time to read and consider.


Thanks in advance



AOC e2239FWT multi touch, Mac OS X (10.6.7)