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I am a new Mac user (I have a Macbook Pro) which I love very much. However, I have been having so much trouble with Safari and it is very frustrating. I seem to be unable to load web pages like Tumblr or other websites that have a lot of images on them. For example, last night I was trying to get on to the Netflix web page and it took forever to load. It finally did load however there were no images. When I am on Tumblr some profiles load (ones that do not have many images on them) but other, ones that are usually just images do not load at all. They just hang there. I've tried opening up the image in a new window when the little blue question mark came up but the same thing happened.


I've been reading the discussion board and I've tried some of the things listed (empty cache, restart Safari etc) but those have no helped me. I also read that I can add an extension for Tumblr but I don't want to look at that every day so I really don't want to download one. I've debated downloading Firefox, however I don't feel like I should have to download another web browser just so I can look at one web page. I switched to Mac for a reason, not to have all the problems I was having with my PC.


Any help would be great.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)