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My headphone jack snapped and got stucked inside the the headphone connector of the iPad, I wonder is there anyway to disable the headphone mode as now the iPad is in headphone mode all the time, It couldn't play any sound through the speaker..

iPad 2
  • Wallace-izm Level 1 (35 points)

    Not really. Better bring it for the Apple guys to have a look and see if they can help you.

  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 (15,840 points)

    iPad uses a mechanical switch inside the headphone jack to know when headphones plugged in.

    If you broke a headphone jack off inside it, the switch is pressed and cannot be overridden.


    Use tweezers to extract the broken plug or get it fixed by Apple.

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    I have sent to local apple store ( Malaysia), and their reply was,"sorry, but currently we don't have the knowledge to fix this for you"


    Very disapppointed, if the technical team of the sole authorized dealer doesnt know how, who while?

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    Hiya.. If you still have had no luck with getting the jack out then try this..

    I did this yesterday to my ipad2..

    My headphone jack also snapped off inside thanks to my Angelic children lol..

    This is not recommended but when the recommended stuff wasn't working for me, I thought I'd go opposite and what do you know.. IT WORKED!!


    You'll need a super glue with a precision tip, cotton buds (those sticks with wool on the end to clean your ears only giving an explanation because I found out the Americans call them Q Tips??) if you don't have any of them try a nail and flatten the end.. With a cotton bud cut the wool part off so that you have a flat surface.. Something metal that you can practice on..AND I MEAN PRACTICE (I used scissors and flat batteries)!! For at least an hour!! It makes a good base at the tip of your stick or nail for the real task..


    Put a teeny tiny bit of glue on the end of the stick. Make sure not too much coz if you were to stick a heap of glue inside the device your pretty much sealng a tomb lol.. Attach it to the scissors or whatever else you are using.. Hold it there for 30secs or less till it can stand straight and on it's own.. Walk away and leave it for 5-10mins.. Test it and see what the resistance is like.. I set up a few and found that 15-20mins worked for me.. You can leave it longer if you wish either way it's either going to work or not.. And if it doesn't work then you can always try again.. Slide your fingers between the stick and pull it straight out hard and fast!!


    When you actually try this method in the actual device BE SURE NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE or you'll screw it up but you won't I promise not if you practice practice PRACTICE!! Patience is the key here!! Good luck and hope this helps you and anyone else with this problem =) Charlei

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    Dont Stick Glue!! I think thats dangerous... I say this because I found the easiest and simplest way to fix it!!!!


    No Risk!


    What you will need:

    - Five 0.5mm drill bits (easily available from eBay, I got a pack of 10 for $3)

    - nothing else!


    How to do it:

    - Place the swirly side of the drill bits inside the pit in headphone jack's head stuck inside your socket (in iPad, Pod, phone or whatever) (I mean in the dead centre of the think stuck inside your socket)

    - Four will fit quite easily; put the fifth one in and you will feel resistance, push it in with whatever way you fancy, i just stroked it in with my car keys and all five fit easily in the headphone's pit

    - Now you can feel the five drill bits are tightly holding together (and they are holding the jack's head tight )

    - Push it out!! Can describe the feeling when I saw the head stuck on the drill bits after reading crazy solution on the internet for 6 weeks.. didnt wnat to risk with the glue option.


    I have the drill bits with me now, not any use for me... if you are in Sydney, you can collect them from me...


    BTW I tried searchingfor 0.5mm in Bunnings etc.... no luck... had to go eBay and took four weeks to arrive .


    Good Luck..

    Cant believe it was so simple....!!!

  • imobl Level 5 (5,800 points)

    Some people have reported going to a jeweler to remove the piece

    of the headphone jack since jewelers have tools used to manipulate

    very small objects. A watch maker might also be able to get the

    piece out.


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