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my new iphone 4 has suddenly stopped letting me hear incoming calls unless I switch on the loudspeaker. I can hear the ring tone, it connects, but then I can't hear the caller until I press the speakerphone on.  Volume is set to max, and silent mode is off.  This problem seemed to start after a trip abroad.   Any ideas?



iPhone 4
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    The phone may be "stuck" in headset mode.  Try plugging and unplugging your headset several times to free up the switch in the jack.

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    I've tried that - I'd never used the headphones before I got this problem!  I got in contact with my network provider, have hard re-set, switched airplane mode on and off, hard re-set again, re-synched/re-set phone via iTunes...still no joy.  Now the only solution I've been offered is trying a different phone to see if the SIM is knackered.  As I have a micro SIM I've got to wait for the post to deliver a conversion kit so it will fit in my old iphone.....