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I have macbook OS X  version 10.4.11 with Itunes version 9.2.1(5)


Last week I sync'd my Iphone to my macbook and a box appeared stating 'you have a new Iphone version to download''. When I clicked the icon a box appeared stating 'your Itunes is up to date'.

I've been having a few slow issues with my Iphone so I wanted the latest software version.

Thinking this was a macbook Iphone / Itunes error I updated to the latest version of Iphone (4.2.1) from my works PC.

Now my macbook doesn't recognise my Iphone. Saying its a new version of Iphone and I need to down load the latest version of Itunes to support it.

So, when trying to update to the latest version of Itunes on my macbook it tells me its not compatible with OS X is version 10.4.11.

So, I can get the latest version of Itunes / Iphone software on my works PC, or from what I have read a 10 year old PC but not on my 5 year macbook.

Doesn't seem right!

Cant reset Iphone factory settings on works PC, which will wipe all my contacts, data etc, incase it then doesn't let me sync with my macbook after. My macbook has all my contacts, data and music!

Annoying - is my macbook OS X  version 10.4.11 obsolete with latest versions of Itunes, Iphone, Ipod etc etc etc?!!

Any suggestions?

OS X 10.4.11 & I-phone & I-tunes, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Annoyed