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GAndrade Level 1 (0 points)

I have an IPhone 4 and use it with Bluetooth MMI audi car kit. It used to work perfectly but now it doesn't synchronize my contacts, missed calls etc. It still pairs and I an use it but I can not access the directory! Can anybody help?

  • robertfromolney Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi, I am experiencing the exeact same problems as you.  It was working fine one day and not the next.  Audi dismiss it as a compatibility issue.  Have you managed to resolve it?

  • GAndrade Level 1 (0 points)

    No I haven't. Audi is trying to help but it seems to be an issue with the IPhone.  We have tried pairing to other Iphone 4s and Iphones3 and they all syncronise the directory.  I will post an answer here when I manage to sort out (if!)  

  • bertuteams Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly the same problem here in Italy with Audi A4 and Iphone 3gs.


    I connected another  Iphone (same SW version) and it works perfectly, so Audi said it's an Apple problem.


    I met a genius today at the apple store who did not understand the problem.


    I have a two year warranty contract (not the apple care), so I can have a new 3gs for free, but it will take one month. I need the phone for my job, so I am very doubtful.


    Maybe the next update will fix the problem?

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    I have an Audi A5 & my iPhone 4 used to work fine.


    A few weeks ago it stopped syncing with my contacts, which is very annoying as I don't know who is calling or who to call without handling the phone, kind of defeats the object of blue tooth.


    I haven't discussed it with my local dealer yet, but reading on here I seams to be a common problem that has come from nowhere!


    My iPhone version is 4.3.5 (8L1)

  • robertfromolney Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey guys,


    I got mine resolved. I rang the dealership and asked if I could come in a pair my phone with another vehicle.  I did and it paired perfectly.


    They booked my car in and reset the MMI but not through the dashboard console they did some sort of complete software restart. In the process they wiped all my data but that was easily re-installed.  SInce then it's worked fine so don't let them use the excuse that it's the software on the phone that is causing the problem.


    It took me 6-8 weeks to get to the bottom of but there was a sucessful solution.


    All the best



  • GAndrade Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear Robert


    It's been quite a while since you posted your solution to the MMI and Iphone problem.  I live in the UK and I am still trying to resolve this issue.  Would you mind telling me which dealer sorted it out for you since Audi here has done everything they can do...

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    Hi Rob,


    I too have upgraded my iphone 3GS to a 4S and purchased a new cradle (another £100)  I find that it does not work with my Audi A4.  The 3GS woked fine in its cradle.  Audi says its the new/modern software.  Can you give me anymore information so I can bamboozle Audi when I return please.


    Many Thanks



  • robertfromolney Level 1 (5 points)

    Apologies for the slow response, just saw you questions.


    I use my local dealer Bedford Audi.


  • robertfromolney Level 1 (5 points)



    I would go to your local Audi dealer and ask to connect your phone with a car in the showroom, that is was I did.  Once they saw it wasn't then phone at fault they booked my vehicle in and resolved it.


    They blame phones quite frequently stating advancements in technology however the bluetooth element rarely changes so their argument is a little unfounded in my opinion.


    Hope this helps.



  • littlesoldier01 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an 2010 Audi a6 Avant with Bluetooth Phone prep and MMI . I Phone 4 with IOS 5.1

    I have had problems with the bluetooth connection. The MMI screen shows the phone is connected , but it has no signal. The phone will not sync with the car . This seems to happen when I first start the car but it is random and in frequent ( several tiems per month).

    If I go into the MMI menu and try to disconnect through the audi bluetooth settings the MMI screen says bluetooth switched off but the screen still shows the phone symbol is connected.

    The audi mmi system becomes un responsive and cannot disconnect ( when in the bluetooth setting area). Normally within the space of around 30 mins to an hour later the MMI system shuts  itself down and re-boots . The Bluetooth then  95% of the time resolves itself and functions perfectly, until the next random time the MMI has locked up.

    if you switch off the engine and then re-start within a short space of time the mmi does not recover.

    If you leave the engine off for a few hours and then switch back on the MMI system the system almost always recovers.

    The fault appears to be with the MMI system as it is becoming un responsive and re-boots itself after a period of Time . In addittion the MMI system does not seem to have the correct ability to drop its bluetooth connection when switching it off.

    I have contacted Audi and they say its the phones fault and that its IOS 5.1 at blame.

    I would like to understand if Apple are able to audi's accusations???

    Unfortunately as the customer of both and Audi and an Apple , I am caught between 2 giants in Industry with neither party admitting ownership of the issue and letting the customer suffer the misfortune of one or both parties errors and in ability to own up to their issues!

    would love to hear from other users in the same predicament.


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    Just managed to fix this after a LONG time of trying.


    It was the sim card. But I did not have to get a new one. I took a sim card from a friends Iphone , plugged it into my phone and synced with the card. That worked fine. When I swapped back the sim cards it all started working again...



    Simple answer. get a new sim card or swap out your currnet one for a bit.

  • francoisspain Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, i had the same problem with my Q5 of 2010. I did put a new sim card in my Iphone 4s and all worked perfectly!


    Un Saludo,



  • Eileenonjess Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone gotten anywhere with connecting the iphone 4S to their Audi Bluetooth?


    My issues are:

    1. Command prompt from bluetooth: please say a command, i say a command and it doesn't recognize my voice or what i'm saying

    2. When I try to Call from phone book, it says phone book is empty


    I can use the bluetooth from the steering wheel by hand, but that also partly defeats the purpose of having bluetooth.  The dealer that sold me the car is far from being technical with that sort of thing and cannot seem to get my phone book to work.  Like I said, I can get it and know the phone is syncing, through the dials on the wheel, but I'd like to use the "hands free" option and that does not recognize my command or phone book.


    Thanks for your help if you have any advice!

    p.s. they said that i have the A4 basic and that technology is old compared to new phones.  this does not make sense to me.  a brand new 2014 car should sync with my phone!!!!

  • Eileenonjess Level 1 (0 points)

    audi usa was of no help.  they told me to talk to the dealer and the dealer tells me to try youtube.  it makes no sense that the blue tooth technology of being hands free, doesn't work.


    their chat person was like sorry I couldn't help you, i said, so I guess my next action is to write a letter then?  she's like thanks and have a good day, not let me submit this issue to my supervisor or let me try and find out and get back to you.  just have a good day, i can't help you so oh well!!!! 


    quite an expensive car to just brush me off like that I think!

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