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  • anaqvi786 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same problem. I actually had the same problem before, and what I did to fix it was to go to iTunes, and restore my iPad to a time in which my game center was working.





    Hope this helps.


  • matti120500 Level 1 (0 points)

    Anybody who knows how to log in to Game Center by nickname instead of Apple id????

  • Shelleybonz Level 1 (0 points)

    I just figured mine out!  I had to double tap my home button (not sure of tech. name)  and on the bottom of device it pulls up everything that is still running; tap and hold Game Center icon and then close out of Game center.  Turned off my itouch and restarted it.   Opened Game Center and signed in with my game center nickname and password and not Apple id.  


    I had to do this after the new terms and conditions.  I hope this helps.  It is possible, so keep trying!!!!!

  • matti120500 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm thanks, but I can only sign in with my appleid....can't see any places at all where you can choose to sign in with your do you do that????

  • Shelleybonz Level 1 (0 points)

    same place that it says you have to put your apple id.  Just use your nickname and password.  Keep turning it off and restarting if it doesn't work.  Make sure that it really is closed out before you turn off device though. 

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    In the game centre app, go to your 'account' banner at the bottom of the home screen, press on it and choose sign out. Then sign back in with the email address you originally used to set up your account which isn't necessarily a address, it could be yahoo or hotmail etc. and the password associated with that account. Then it will retrieve your original game centre nickname!

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    Oh I changed the main email adress on my appleid on rth lap top. Now daughter has lost all came centre and it wont log in. I tried changing the apple id email back on the computer but now GC says there is no account. ! I in big trouble

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    Somebody from Apple should solve this, since this is a very big issue that has affected lots of players, they dont seem to care about this, and this is very frustrating for all of us...


    I have the same problem, lost all my achievements and progress and had to start over after spending lots of time on games.....

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    I just made a request to a publisher of a game (which I spent so many times on). They can be seen on game center too. They will try to recover my old achivements in their games. I hope it works

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    My 10 year old son has just experienced this unfortunately. Have been through this thread and others as well on other forums but the problem remains unresolved.


    What seems to have changed is this - till recently he could log in using his nick & password. Gamecenter doesn't seem to allow that any longer, it forces you to use an apple id. When he used the apple id, the id wasn't linked to his nickname. It asked him to enter a nickname and when we tried using the old nickname, it gave an error that the nick is already in use. We entered a new nickname but all of his old data is lost.


    Thing is, I can see that his old nickname & data still exists in the Gamecenter system as he's linked to my own gamecenter id as a 'friend'. so when I log in, i can see my son listed under my friends and I can see all his old data intact. His old nicname seems to have got 'orphaned' - not linked to his apple id any longer.

    Seems like a longshot but if anyone has any additional suggestions, I would really appreciate it!

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    I tried a mix of the posts on here.  I had an email AppleID that had worked on a lost device but on the new device game center wanted me to create a new account.


    What worked for me EVENTUALLY was logging in with the game center nickname after resetting the password as if the game center nick name was an Apple ID.  Assuming the gamecenter nickname was the mysterious missing Apple ID seemed to be the answer.  I never set-up the nickname as an Apple ID or had a password for the game center nickname but it still worked using the Apple reset process - the process asked for DOB and security question.


    Game center doesnt seem to work the same way as the gamecenter did under the original Apple ID / device but when i login to play games it recognizes the nickname and the scores / credits etc all reappear.


    As an aside I also wasted about an hour being bounced around by Apple Support talking to several people not willing to listen to what the problem was and wanting to know which apple product wasnt working!!  For a company with great products their support seems lacking and they rely on users on these blogs to work it out over several months!

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    Same problem here. But using nickname as Apple id does not work for me. Entering my DOB does not "match" with nickname. Any ideas?

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    it's work!!!!




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    Apple can this be sorted out. My daughter has just got an iPad mini and she has had to put in a new Game Centre ID. She has lost all her game saves and friends. Is there a way to link her old Game Centre ID back to her account. I think the problem is she has changed email address and the ID is still linked to her old one. I can not rectify this. Please help a father become his daughters super hero again. If I fail it will not look good for me.  

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    I have the same problem but with iOS 7 so I can not logout through Game Center