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I keep iTunes regularly up to date. Today when I loaded iTunes the new iTunes update box appeared for I downloaed and installed it. After completeing that I connected my iPhone 4 but it never appeared in the iTunes sidebar as usual. I have restarted both computer and phone several times. I have system restored the computer to earlier today (before the iTunes update), I have not installed any other software since I last plugged the phone in and synced it. I have just reinstalled iTunes but still my phone does not appear in iTunes. The computer recognises the phone is plugged in and the phone charges and bleeps to signal positive connection when I plug in. Now i'm stuck and getting annoyed. Can anyone help? Please???????????? I am running windows XP btw.

iPhone 4, Windows XP
  • trrlightning Level 4 Level 4

    Maybe this link will help you troubleshoot: http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/assistant/itunes/

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    Thank you for the suggestion trrlightning. I have seen that link but I don't know why I would be getting conflicting software when I haven't changed or updated anything else since the last time I synced my iPhone yesterday.

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    Just to confirm that exact same problem is happening to me. I have uninstalled and re installed iTunes multiple times. Have updated/re-installed drivers disabled and re enabled mobile services tried different USB ports and thats all I can think of and it still does not work. I should also mention that Windows does detect the phone as it still gives me the option to browse and import photos. Anyone else got any suggestions?

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    Mine did that right after I updated, unfortunately nothing worked.  After a couple days of asking around when I plugged it in it to try again, it said i was synced w/another iTunes account!  Unreal

    I had to restore to the factory settings and put all my lost music back into iTunes.  Took forever and still don't have all the songs I did before!   

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    I think "iPhone not appearing in iTunes" is one of the most, if not THE most searched category on this board.  Yet, the best solution the "geniuses" at Apple can come up with is to completely uninstall and reinstall iTunes.  I have to do that roughly once a month now, and everytime there is a iPhone software update. \


    I have another solution:  Write a piece of software that's not a buggy piece of sh*t!!!!  Do the wunderkinden at Apple actually read these boards?  There are "iPhone not appearing in iTunes" threads going back at least *four years.*  The problem has been around that long--why don't you actually get off your pasty *sses and DO something about it?

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    haha   robbjunk2!!!

    well said!  i actually found a way to work around having to download all that music again/being that it seems Apple isn't fixing the issue anytime soon.

    located my BU iTunes folder (with a little digging around figured out w/ "get info" which was the latest BU) and copied it (compressed it)  to a external 8GB flash drive

    labeled it "iTunes bu" so i don't somehow accidently erase it! haha

    when i plugged my iPod in and the **** thing said the same thing and I had to go through it again, iTunes once again renamed my new iTunes library "...Library"

    so I unzipped the compressed file, copied the folder and named it the same as the new iTunes library, then

    went into "Users/Music/iTunes/Library and dropped the newly labeled folder there. 

    hit export to iTunes and VIOLA - it took the all the music no problem!  manually synced my iPod no problem, my library was filled w/all my tunes yay!!

    Little extra work but well worth it!!  Way better than downloading 3000+ songs every single month!!