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I'm new to iMac. I needed Pages and Numbers from App Store to be more productive. I went to App Store and purchased the downloads. The download speed in very very slow. Is this normal? It could also be a security risk! Any answers?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Why do you think it would be a security risk if the download is slow? What is the actual download speed as reported by the App Store? Are you used to higher speeds when downloading files with Safari? Keep in mind that the iWork applications are rather large (Pages 265 MB, Numbers 130 MB).

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    Is it possible that the longer one is locked into one site the easier it =

    is to hack into it? Just a thought.

    I did not see any indication as to the download speed when I was down =

    loading these two apps, yes they are large files, just new icons on the =

    dash with a very small horizontal progress indicator. The iMac and Apple =

    are new to me and so I far have not downloaded anything else. With =

    Safari on my now dead Windows XP my download speed was around 950kb/s.

    according to BT. Thanks for your interest in my issue.

  • narya Level 4 (3,190 points)

    Is it possible that the longer one is locked into one site the easier it is to hack into it?


    No, you don't have to worry about that.


    As to the download speed – it's hard to tell. I'd suggest you give yourself more time with your Mac. Just use the Mac like you normally would for a few days and keep an eye on the speed of downloads along the way. If you still have the impression that your Mac is unusually slow in a week or so, please come back here. I'll be monitoring this thread.

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    Me too having same problem, download very very slow. I purchase app for iPad and the size about 10Mbyte. Total download time more than 15 minute. After that I try download again using Mac also same. Then later on I try download torrent and speed are extremely fast. Don't know why download anything from iTunes become very slow.

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    4,3 Mbps tops on a 50 Mbps connection... Xcode's download takes forever!!!

    Even AppStore on iPhone goes faster LoL

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    If you have a high speed internet connection, you should be able to download those apps within minutes.


    Use this internet speed test  >    http://www.speedtest.net/


    Download speed should be approximately 15 to 16 Mbps if you have a broadband (high speed) connection.

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    Except do not click on the button to clean your Mac before running the test. It takes you to MacKeeper, even though the name itself isn't there. The way the page is laid out it could make you think you have to use it before running the test.

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    i am downloading xcode, and its says the current download speed is 211 kb/s. my isp can have really crappy download spees, so i went to the isp's speedtest, which again, often reports very low speeds. It says my generic download speed is over 6 mb/s. What gives?

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    I never did get a result on this issue. Downloads to me seem to be extremly variable. Make sure that you are consistant with the bits and bytes terminology 211kbs could be 211 KBps 8 times faster than you think. Not trying to teach you to suck eggs just poiting out where I went wrong.

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    Since Apple decided to route everything through the same pipes, apps are competing with all the other MAS stuff. Additionally, since they'd decided to not ship updates but entire app, such as the inane Lion 3.5+ GB installer app, everything crawls done that pipe. It also appears that Apple's throttled the pipe to around 1.2 MB/sec DL speed. It takes about an hour to get the Lion app and over 20 minutes to get Xcode. That's with this kind of tested speed on my basic cable installation:




    If you don't like it, send complaining feedback to: http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html

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    I do understand the dif between bits and bytes, but aren't both my speedtest and the download both listed in kiloBYTES? Was one of them in bits, or did I just use the wrong abbreviation?


    As far as the downloads themselves, when I started the xcode download, the expected download time was 7-8 hours. I didn't stay up with it all night, so I have no idea how long it took. I waited for it for several minutes, maybe 15, maybe closer to an hour. I was soo exhausted I really don't remember. When I went to bed, pretty sure it said it had at least 3 hours left.


    As far as my understanding of bits, bytes, and other stuff, I am aware of the difference, and I am fairly proficient with a computer, but I am very much a beginning programmer and a noob on mac.


    Also, if it makes any difference to the discussion, I have not yet updated to Lion. I just updated to 10.6.8 yesterday because I got my wife's hand me down and she hadn't done it yet.

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    b/s indicates bits. Divide those by eight to get bytes. E.g., for mine, 35.38 Mbps ~ 4 MB/s, but I only can DL from the MAS at about 1.2 MB/s.

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    Been using Mac's for twenty years... downloading from the App store is brutal right now. A full day for Final Cut Pro... 1.5 days for Mountain Lion, and all this on a high speed connection. Go to another site, and everything loads lickety split.


    What is happening to Apple these days? From killed battery life on Macbooks, to a poor Maps release, to iPhone issues, to software mishaps like FCPX, to sweatshop slaves jumping off the roof because of Apple manufacturing conditions in China... This is not your daddy's Apple company any more. Quality control is becoming about as good as your B & D toaster.