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I received an email yesterday and was charged for these games which I never purchased.

My gift card was whipped clean.


-KingdomConquest-, v1.1.8, Seller: Dega Corporation


Texas Poker, v3.0, Seller: KAMAGAMES LTD


Texas Poker, 15M chips, Seller: KAMAGAMES LTD










In-App Purchase






Texas Poker, 15M chips, Seller: KAMAGAMES LTD
KAMAGAMES LTDIn-App Purchase$19.99
Texas Poker, 5M chips, Seller: KAMAGAMES LTD
KAMAGAMES LTDIn-App Purchase$9.99

Total of $49.97


I notice a lot of people had the same problem when I tried to google about it.

I already notified apple, to give me back my money, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.


So, what's going on?

Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    How do you report these guys?  Their POKERIST game hijacks safari on the ipad2.  I believe I have fraudulent charges as well (double-checking with the family).  We pay a premium, both as users and developers, so that this stuff doesn't happen.  C'mon, Apple-  take care of these jerks!

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    I've just had the same KAMAGAMES Texas Poker 15m - £11.99 taken from my account too.


    I had a £15 gift card that I'd used a couple £ from and this has cleaned my balance down to 4pence!


    How can I go about complaining to Apple about this?


    I'm concerned that my PC has got some spyware or something on it now as I was in iTunes over the weekend, and now this has happened.

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    Update: I received my credit back within 2-3 days and the customer service was very nice even emailed back after everything to make sure everything is working fine. I am very happy!


    I will say this, to be safe. Always buy a pre-paid gift card to make any purchases, that way, it is easier to take care of if anything goes wrong.

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    Dear meimeifromhell


    I Have same problem . Can you tell me How can I Escalate about this ?

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    I have just had this happend! I am starting to freak out!!


    So far I have been billed twice for this stupid poker that I didnt ask for! I hope Apple comes through on this.


    Is there anything more that can be done?

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    Same thing seems to have just happened to me.  We got an iTunes gift card, and then GAMESISLIVE Corp. by Lakoo and KAMAGAMES LTD. seems to be draining the gift card.  Below is the order history.


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    Add me to the list as well.


    They did Order and Chaos online instead, but did the free Kingdom Conquest first.

    total of $40.13 taken off my account.


    Sent the emails also, no word from Apple yet.


    If you research, kingdom conquest has been the go to app for these hackers for some reason. This whole thing dates back to November of last year... and Apple still hasn't addressed the issue.


    I don't get how they always target people who just happened to put in a gift card recently.. I have read many posts about this, blogs and a few news sites, and they ALL say the same thing... Gift cards. Nobody comes out and says that they were charged for the in app purchases on a CC.

    I am almost starting to think this is some inside job...


    I put my Gift Cards in last week ready to buy Lion when it finally hits.. now gone.


    Did anyone install any new app just prior to the charges?


    I got hit twice within two hours last night, first time i stopped it before any in app purchases were made. I ONLY typed my new password for my AppleID on APPLE'S website... and inside iTunes on my MacBook Pro to see if any purchases were made. It showed Kingdom Conquest only. right after that... i get another email from apple saying i just changed my password a 3rd time, and purchased $40 in in-app purchases...


    Saturday, i wiped the MBP clean prepping for Lion. the only 3rd party apps i have on it are a few select ones off my Mac App Store purchases. I haven't even used the MBP since sunday.. I just had it with me when the email came in on my iPhone so i opened it up and changed my password.

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    Hey meimeifromhell, the exact thing has happened to me, but only about £15 taken though, which email did you contact to get this resolved?




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    I just had the same thing except that I don't buy apps and I don't have any gift cards. Fortunately I had just changed my credit card so the one listed on my account was not good. Unfortunately I can't change my country or change my payment information until I pay the amount owed on my account (the unauthorized purchase for about $15.


    Apple does NOT make it easy to find help for this problem. I have changed my password, sent in an email and spent a lot of frustrating time on the phone trying to talk to a real person with no success.


    Right now I plan to cancel my account once this issue is resolved. If the accounts can get hacked that easily (I don't use public computers or give out any information) then it is not worth having.

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    u know what , i got more than $1000 in 2 month, i was chek my cc and now first bill out and i surprised it is in big number coming to my cc bill. im confuse now

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    iTunes account hacked.


    Dear all,


    I have had my account hacked.  All US$ hacked by apps I did not even download(I SWEAR).  I wrote to apple but no reply.  I believe Apple is fair and will investigate how our hard earned money we trust in itunes disappeared.


    My receipt no is  112029661185 where $35.96 gone to some app purchase

    Also receipt no 114030423517 where $99.99 gone to some app purchase.


    All done by In-app purchase by a seller boyaa Interactive International Limited.


    I believe that Apple should know what is the situation better and give us a reply..


    I dare not buy anything from Itunes store any more until I get a official reply from Apple/itunes.


    HELP......JUSTICE ...... HELP.   Steve Jobs, I believe you will flip in your grave....