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how do I download adobe flash player on my new imac

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  • amyfromhonolulu Level 1 Level 1

    A yellow triangle it safe to download?

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    amyfromhonolulu wrote:


    A yellow triangle it safe to download?

    Yes, you said you want to install it. The instructions are all there, however you're wise to be cautious. Only download what you request.

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    Where do you see a yellow triangle?


    This is what I see:

    Screen shot 2011-06-11 at  Jun 11, 2011 21.52.38 .png


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    I updated my iMac from OSX snow leopard to Lion. My flash player support disappeared. No video!

    So... I downloaded and installled the latest version of ADOBE flash player. It works but right in the middle is a window telling me that a site ( not Adobe ) wants to store information on my computer.

    I7m suspicious because there are two check boxes in the window  accept or deny. When I click on Deny nothing happens. Hmmm...seems like my ONLY choice is to accepot..but SHOULD I ??????

    Can anyone advise?

    Why would I want to allow anyone to store data on my computer?

    I've un-installed Adobe Flash until I find out what this is all about.


    When I had snow leopard, I didn't need to install Adobe to get video. Maybe it was already installed.

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    Please send a screen shot of the screen you're referring to.

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    Here it is.This same window appears on any video I click on that uses flash. Clicking on Deny does nothing. I tried downloading the Adobe flash player from Adobe site and other sites with the same result. Never had this problem with Snow Leopard. Not sure who or what is! Might be harmless but I'm not sure.
    Screen Shot 2011-10-19 at 10.16.33 PM.png

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    You can ignore it or if you are using Safari as your browser I'd recommend installing AdBlock extension. You will find it by:


    1. In Safari open Preferences (Command , )

    2. Click the Extentions tab

    3. Click Get Extentions button

    4. Locate and install AdBlock.

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    Mac OS X

    This is asking you to store persistent Flash Cookies (meaning, they are not deleted when you delete your ordinary cookies.) Some sites will not work unless you allow them. Here's how to prevent them from getting on your computer in the first place, while keeping Flash and these sites working.


    If you use Firefox, get the Add-on Better Privacy, which will delete them when you quit Firefox.


    Or, trick these sites into thinking they are actually storing this crap: (These directions are for Flash Player 10 and above.)


    Using the following, no LSOs (Flash Cookies) will be stored and yet Flash is tricked into thinking they are. As far as I can tell all sites employing Flash will function properly; nothing will be broken, including Comedy Central with its streaming video content. (In the directions above, I had mistakenly recommended setting the Storage panel in the local Flash Pref Pane to not allow. It must be left as "Allow sites to store...." This was why the Comedy Central clip I had been trying to play wasn't working.)


    First, to get a new, clean folder, start by trashing the Macromedia folder in ~/Library/Preferences. That's in your user Library. Next, do not visit the local Flash Pref Pane in Sys Prefs. Instead, go directly to Adobe Global Privacy settings in the Adobe Settings Manager and set Camera and Mic to "Always deny." Visiting the Settings Manager will automatically create a new, clean Macromedia folder.


    (If you first visit the local Flash Pref Pane, the new Macromedia folder will lack the empty default #shared objects folder and its also empty enclosed folder (this is the one with a combination of characters and numerals.) I haven't tested to see what will happen if those two folders are not present. I assume, providing the Macromedia folder is unlocked, they would be created as soon as one visits a Flash site, but they will not be empty and this would defeat the entire purpose.)


    If you visit the local Flash Pref Pane now, all the defaults will remain, except for the Camera and Mic panel, where "Always deny" will be checked. Next, it seems prudent to go to the Playback panel and check "Block all sites from using peer assisted networking." But, important, in the Storage panel, you must leave the default "Allow sites to save...." checked. This is how sites using Flash are tricked into thinking storage of Flash Cookies is being allowed when they are, in fact, not.


    Next, go back to the Macromedia Folder and, using GetInfo/CMD-I, recursively lock all its enclosed folders. This means starting from the back working ones way up to the front. And, finally, lock the enclosing Macromedia folder itself. Nothing gets stored and everything keeps on working.


    (Thanks to Anon at XYMer's for this.)


    EDIT: Maybe something I don't know, but I don't think AdBlock in Safari will defeat Flash Cookies. There may be some Safari extension that will.


    Maybe this extension



    EDIT: in order to see and access your Users Library in Lion:



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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    How can I ignore it since it's permanently in the middle of any video I watch?

    Do you mean I should click on accept and not worry?


    I checked out the Ad block extension. Hmmmm. This seems like another thing that allows someone to access my computer. Looks like I'd be creating one problem to solve another.

    I'm wondering why I have to download anything when I didn't do anyrthing to begin with.

    I need to find out where this d.yming thing is coming from, and why Adobe doesn't exclude it, before I download any more unknowns.


    Will give it more thought.

    Tired after working all day.


    appreciate your response.

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    WZZZ thanks! Interesting stuff and I kind of get the idea but way out of my depth I think. All that stuff your'e suggesting I do needs more computer savvy than I have and is the reason I bought a Mac instead of a P.C.  Seriously!

    I don't even know what recursively lock means!!!!!! and then i should be going back to front...and if at any point in the middle of all this..something comes up that you didn't expect..then what? Kind of like doing brain surgery following a doctor's instructions over the telephone.

    Maybe I'll just...give up watching video content and just read the news..

  • WZZZ Level 6 Level 6
    Mac OS X

    The request you're getting from is normal. If you go to the Flash Preference Pane>Storage in System Preferences, you will see that you have checked "Ask me before allowing new sites to store...." I think it's the default setting. So, you are being asked. Many Flash sites won't function properly unless you allow storage -- or trick them into thinking you are allowing storage -- of what Adobe calls Local Shared Objects, otherwise known as Flash cookies. Unless you remove them, or prevent them from getting there in the first place, they will stay on your computer forever, and they are not known to always behave nicely.


    You might want to just check "Allow sites to save information...." and then use one of the Extensions, above, to remove Flash cookies when you exit the browser.


    The Macromedia folder, like many folders in OS X, is like Russian nesting dolls. Folders inside folders inside folders. Recursively locking them just means locking the last one, locking the next, all the way up to the big, enclosing Macromedia folder itself. If you want to try this, just make sure you lock every folder possible, including the enclosing Macromedia folder. Just go step by step, according to my directions.

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    Well I searched through my computer and located the source of the problem. I used spotlight, typed in Adobe and discovered the Adobe install manager. In the storage setting it was set to inform if sites wanted to store info on my computer. In fact that is exactly what it was doing of course.I reset it to block all sites. Now all is well again. Sometimes it's just a case of knowing where to find the settings. Just for good measure I installed Adblock too.


    Thanks for your replies and help.

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    Thanks WZZZ I found the source of the problem just before  I saw your reply and posted the above. You were correct. I think I created the problem myself without realizing it by checking the "ask me" option. or as you say it was a default. It's actually the first time I had installed Adobe myself so I wasn't familiar with the settings and the results. I'm learning!

    The Russian dolls analogy is a good one and I'll follow up on your advice for removing flash cookies. I like to keep my computer clean!

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