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    Asatoran:  Your suggestions got me to thinking that something might be making my stand-alone iMac think it has a non-compliant display attached, so I ejected my flash drive and iPhone cable, then restarted the computer.  I no longer get the message that the selected (HD) movie won't play on my display.  Problem solved.  Thank-you.

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    I too was having this issue. I even went out and bought an HDMI cable for it and it still didnt work. However, I have found that computers are acually very stupid sometimes and need to be reminded as to how things work and as such i found a way of getting the computer to recongnize that this is b@*#@*(@ and it corrected itself. Maby it will work for you guys.


    Go to system preferences>Displays while you have both screens active. From there There should be two different control windows, one on the mac book and one on the seconday screen. On the secondary screen panel go to options and there should be a check mark next to over scan.... At this point uncheck it and the screen should re-ajust and then click it again so that the screen goes back to normal.


    At this point reload the HD movie/TV show and it should work. Or at least it has for me everytime. Good luck and enjoy your HD Screens!

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    An interesting thread.  I have a 13" Macbook Air.  I download movies to view on long flights as USAirways and Southwest (the major carriers out of Philly) do not show movies.  From what I googles, it appeared the Mac Air is HD so I downloaded an HD rental from iTunes.  There was no warning that this movie was incompatible with my laptop.  However, I got the incompatible message when I went to view it on a flight to Florida this past December.  Now I'm afraid to download the HD movies I would prefer.


    Is my problem that my Mac Air won't show HD movies or is it this other issue?  I was able to rent an HD movie for my husband to watch on his iPad2.  Are iPad2s HD and not Mac Air or is it this other issue?  It seems to me iTunes should warn customers if certain movies won't play on Apple products.  I suppose I could have gotten a refund but now that is months in the past.


    So how can I tell what movies sold on iTunes will display on my Mac Air?  I keep my OS up-to-date.

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    Your issue is slightly different than this general thread. The majority of the complaints on this thread relate to connecting macs to 3rd party or apple HD tvs or other HD screen systems.


    However, to answer you question, the macbook air and ipad2 dont support full 1080p resolutions. You macbook air supports 1440 by 900 (native), 1280 by 800, 1152 by 720, and 1024 by 640 pixels at 16:10 aspect ratio; 1024 by 768 and 800 by 600 pixels at 4:3 aspect ratio. and the Ipad2 supports up to 720p (same as your macbook)


    In other words your computer is just below the requirements to show 1080p. However, you can watch 720p (which is still considered HD) movies. You can change the download options for downloading 720 instead of 1080p movies. go to itunes then in the top left hand corner of the screen go to itunes>preferences>store and going down to the scroll down box where it says 1080p and selecting 720p instead.


    This way in the future you can watch movies from itunes in your computers optimal resolution.



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    On the secondary screen control panel, there is no "options"...

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    What version are you currently running? You can find this by going to the apple icon in the top left hand part of your screen and selecting About this Mac.


    I took a screen shot of it on my second screen. See below: You can click on it to enlarge.


    Picture 4(2).jpg

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    If I can't buy it on iTunes and watch it on my TV I will just pirate it, thanks movie studios.

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    I had the same problem and I was really mad about it, but it is a downloading problem. During downloading the movie there was an error with the information. I wrote apple and they could solve the problem. They were able to fix it and I am watching the movie without problem. I hope this info is useful,

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    I just left feedback for Apple regarding this issue. I have a 2011 27" iMac that iTunes says is not HD compatible...until I unplug my 2nd monitor. Turns out that having a non-HDCP device present shatters the dream of simple, relaxing movie watching. If Apple is going to continue to support the sad, imbecilic scheme of using a monitor as a content dongle then they should be able to code the verification properly. How does a non-compliant, auxillary device trump the primary HDCP compliant computer/video card/monitor?


    That Apple continues to support this anti-Apple complexity leaves a distinctive Microsoft taste in my mouth over this issue. If I want something that "just doesn't work" I will turn on my PC. I know that the copyright insanity is not Apple's fault. But forcing users to jump through hoops to fool iTunes is.


    I have read many related threads and found that people find it easier to download pirated movies than to rent/purchase simply because the Rube Goldberg copyright schemes are more and more complex and therefore more and more flawed.


    I don't begrudge people making money off of their intellectual property. But reasearch has shown time and again that if they reduced the price of products to what the market sees as fair, which I think they are close, and remove the barbed wire access to the content then piracy would drop. They would also save millions each year in these easily defeated anti-piracy schemes that are only effective against the people that wouldn't steal anything to begin with. 


    You expect to have issues with complex software like ERP packages. And you expect even simple applications like any of the MS Office products to have a vast array of issues when used beyond the novice level. You don't expect such frustrating complexity to just rent a freaking movie and watch it on one of the most advanced computers on the market today. 

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    You need to reset your SMC (System Management Controller). There are directions on how to do that on Apple Support.


    Fixed the same issue - I have a 15" Thunderbolt Macbook Pro and I couldn't play HD content from iTunes directly - it told me to use Quicktime. I used Quicktime successfully for a few days, and all of the sudden that failed as well. Resetting the SMC fixed the issue, and I can now watch HD content in iTunes or Quicktime.

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    How bout this!!! I have a Mac Pro (2008-year 8 core hooked to a 23 inch Apple display with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB) at home that plays HD movies PERFECT!!  I HAVE a Mac Pro (2008-year 4 core hooked to a

    23 inch Apple display with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB) at work that will not play the very same HD movies at all!?!?


              I really do not understand it because the two computers are exactly the same, same graphics card same monitor and both computers were bought at the same time!! The only difference is that one is 8 core and one is 4 core! I have tried everything on this and other threads and nothing works! There is no other cable hooked to my 4 core mac at work, but there is everything hooked up to the one at home! I have iphone cables Hard drive cables and etc all hooked in to the one at home and it still plays HD (HDCP) like perfect!  Any Ideas?



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    I had this same issue and came here to solve it.  I was just trying to watch something on my computer screen.  software was up to date so I tried restarting my machine and it worked, show started right up.  No idea how or why but I guess its worth a try!

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    Thanks PrinceofWolves, you just helped me out with the same issue. (rental playback on macbook air) Short explanation, clear solution. AWESOME! Cheers!

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    Asatoran - What if you have a late-model AppleTV and download the same movie, and the AppleTV is connected to an HDTV which doesn't support HDCP?  Won't play?

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    I ran into this problem previously and did some research into how best to deal with Mac's tendency to HDCP-encrypt the signal even when showing a PPT or surfing the Net, just because the Mac was connected to an HDCP-compliant display.


    Because I have a matrix switcher which my Mac plugs into, and then on the output side there are BOTH HDCP and non-HDCP displays, I couldn't even view my Word documents on the non-HDCP displays because the Mac was encrypting the signal... 


    The answer is to get an EDID Manager V4 from Lightware, which has an HDCP Enable/ Disable feature.  It just tells the Mac that it is not HDCP compliant, and the Mac will not encrypt the signal... Simple!  Of course, if I play a Bluray, or Movies from iTunes, they won't play, but I knew that from the beginning.