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I just realized that we can get the digital audio output from iPad 2 by connecting the camera connection kit, via the USB cable to a digital converter. The sound quality is unbelievable good. That's mean we can save the money of not buying any dock e.g. Wadia 170i.

  • gmeyer07 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mitch - is this still working for you??  Nobody at apple can give me a straight answer ;--)


    Do i need to tell my Ipad 2 to send music out the commection kit or does it do it automatically.


    I have a DAC on my cd player that has a USB input and would like to use this instead of the headphone jack as a source.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,505 points)

    Hello gmeyer


    Yes, it is working great. I don't think Apple would like to tell it publiclly, otherwise, who is going to buy the digital dock e.g. Wadia 170i etc.


    You do not need to set anything, just plug the usb cable via the camera connection kit, and the other end with your DAC. iPad will detect itself and change the USB to Digital out.


    Make sure your USB input with your CD player is for opticial audio in and no for software update.


    I am very sure, the digital output with iPad is outperforming the headphone jack as a source.


    In case, your CD player does not have the USB audio input, you can take a look of this great DAC which is no expensive at all.



  • Fernando Fabian Okonski Level 1 (15 points)

    Is this the camera adapter that allows one to download images from a camera to the iPad?


    If so, do you think this will work with an iphone, ipod touch or ipad 1?


    I'd love to use one of these devices as a digital source for car audio.....


    Any thoughts?



  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,505 points)

    I am having the iPhone 3GS. it does not work, but I am not sure with other device, but i doubt with it.


    iPad 1 should work

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    Hey Mitch, I have a related question that it looks like you may be able to help me with.


    I would like to use an Ipad (not purchased yet) to connect with an external audio solution.


    So I need to run out through the Lightning Digitial AV converter to get the digital audio to my external DAC.  Then I run Optical out to my amp.


    My goal is to be able to watch Videos on the iPad while listening to the audio through external speakers.


    It currently appears that when you connect the iPad via the Lightning Digital AV converter and attempt to watch a Video, that the video and audio signal gets sent to the external reciever and the iPad screen goes blank and becomes a "remote control" but no longer displays the video.  I noticed that this is only with video because the iPad screen does not go blank for games or browsing.


    Are you aware of an app....or any other solution that allows my solution to work?


    To date, I have tried this solution with multiple tablets and the only one that it works on (that actually mirrors Video) while exporting digital audio is the Kindle Fire HD.


    I can't believe this is an original idea and am shocked that Apple doesn't enable you to leave the video on the iPad screen while also sending the video and audio signal to an external source.



  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,505 points)

    First, I do not have a lightening iPad.


    But what I think of, is your can buy an Apple TV for doing this


    Video -> Airplay


    Audio -> Airplay > Apple TV > HDMI (or Optical) to your DC