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Why is my iPad not able to download mail when the iPhone next to it can and the iPad may be able to do it 24 hours later with no change in settings?  This happens with multiple email accounts at the same time in several locations on many occasions.  The setting is to check emails every 15 minutes.   It says it is checking but nothing comes up while it does on my Mac or iPhone

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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    I have exactly the same problem here.


    Can see new email appearing straight away on the iPhone and Windows pc, but very erratic on the iPad.  Sometimes the emails appear immediately on the iPad, other times they don't appear for hours. 


    One thing I have noticed if I go and change the "delete messages - remove" setting to something other than what it was set (for instance from "never" to "one month") it seems to jiggle something and the outstanding emails all suddenly appear.

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    Hi, exactly in which location do you di it. For some reason I can't finf it under settings, mail. Thank you.

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    Go to "Settings" - "Mail, contacts, calendars" - <select account> - <click on account> - "Advanced"


    Note that this is not a fix - it's just that changing this setting seems to wake up the mail app and it suddenly realizes there's mail out there it needs to get.