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I want to delete all time machine back up files certain selected mail folders and emails. How do I do that?

If I open mail in the finder, then enter time machine, the mail folders in a mail window appears in time machine but the action menu in the bottom left hand corner of the mail window is greyed out and unusable.


If I simple enter time machine without previously opening mail in my finder I get a finder in time machine. Then if I select applications/mail I do get an working action menu with the choice 'delete all backups of mail'. But I only want to delete all backups of certain mail folders and messages leaving others untouched, is this possible?

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    It is possible but it's very tricky, since you have to navigate your way round the library folders and it's easy to delete the wrong file.  In general, you have to navigate to Library/Mail, then into the folder for your mail account, then the folder for the INBOX, then Messages, then find the message you want to delete.