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The sleep/wake button on my ipad 2 wiggles slightly from right to left. the button itself works fine but worried the slight wiggle may lead to other problems. Is anyone else having this issueor have any advice on what my plan of action should be.

iPad 2
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    I think there may be a very teeny-tiny bit of play in the movement of the button. My iPad seems to have a tiny bit as well. However, if the issue concerns you, take it to an Apple Store and have them take a look.


    If the movement is more than teeny-tiny definitely have it looked at.

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    Yeah im probably just being paranoid it must have a movement of about 0.5mm in each direction so i imagine this qualifies as teeny-tiny.lol.when i looked at a model in store it seemed like the button was very solidly in place so made me want to investigate the wiggle.but you think it is probably something that will occur through use.

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    The switch is covered with the black plastic cover and that is where the movement that you experience is. I think it would probably be normal to have just a teeny bit of play on something like this. Again I stress teeny bit. My cover does slide a tiny bit back and forth and yet it works flawlessly and has for seven months now.


    My advice would be to keep and eye on it and certainly if the movement becomes more and more pronouced, get your iPad back to Apple or to wherever you bought it and have them take a look at it.

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    Hi just wondering is it an ipad 2 or the original ipad you have.if it is the ipad2 do you have any experience of ebay copies of the smart case by apple saw one on ebay for £20 and wasnt sure if it was worth a try.also thanks for the help.cheers.

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    I have the iPad original version which cannot use the Smart Cover. I have read good and and bad things about it. Obviously all of the reviews of iPad accessories are subjective and can only be taken at face value. I wish I could offer more help on this one. Do a Google search for reviews of the Smart Cover and see what you think.


    I use a ZAGG InvisibleShield Screen protector along with a Targus Case that opens to become a two position stand. I love the screen protector because I can clean all of the smudges and fingerprints without worrying about damaging the screen. Many, many users prefer to go "bareback" with no screen protector at all. I also love the Targus Case because it is sturdy on the outside but soft on the inside against which protects the back side of the iPad against scratches.


    I would encourage you to do a search - even on Apple's web site - and see what you think would best suit your needs.