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    An Applestrophe :




    | Prologue

    We have purchased Apple products for 20 years.


    And employed them in the creation of award winning programs, music, videos and films.


    Among our purchases is a mid-2010 Macbook Pro 2.66  i7





    | Count Down

    As everyone else here present, we noticed regular kernel panics NVRM errors,

    such that the laptop became unusable, save for superficial tasks.


    We telephoned Apple Care in the USA and they opened a case pertinent to Apple Bulletin TS4088.


    We were referred to Apple Care in Germany as we are presently working on a project there.


    Apple Germany referred us to Theile Computer in Heidelberg, Apple's authorized reseller

    and service center in the region.






    | Catastrophe 00

    During mid-January 2012 we took the laptop to Theile Computer, whose technicians promptly

    informed us that the mid-2010 Macbook Pro's are NOT eligible for any service bulletin repairs.


    Despite Apple Bulletin TS4088 having been released several months prior,

    Theile Computer's technicians hadn't the slightest idea that it even existed.


    After familiarizing them with TS4088, they confessed they hadn't a clue

    which diagnostic test to run.






    | Catastrophe 02

    The following day, we again telephoned Apple USA who assured us

    that they will take care of the problem.


    They issued a CS code so that Theile Computer could bill Apple for the repair.

    The following day, we again took the computer to Theile.


    This time, the technician assigned to the job wasn't even present.


    When inquiring when he would return we were provided a sarcastic:

    Sometime today ... or tomorrow.


    We filed a complaint with the store's manager.






    | Catastrophe 03

    The following day, we again telephoned Apple USA who again expressed their sincerest apologies,

    yet added insult to injury by insisting that the solution to the problem lies with us ...


    In other words, the general disregard and incompetence of Apple Germany and Theile Computer was our responsibility.







    | Catastrophe 04

    The following day, we again called Apple Germany and spoke with Thomas S.,

    the Customer Relations manager referred to us by Apple USA.


    Thomas S. also expressed Apple's sincere apologies and assured us

    that the problem would be taken care of.


    But, he said ... _WE_ WOULD HAVE TO PAY for the diagnostic tests and the repair.


    Thomas S. - Apple Germany Customer Relations:  "This is Germany and we do things differently".


    We asked Thomas S. to consult Apple Bulletin TS4088.







    | Catastrophe 05

    We again called Apple USA and informed them that Apple Germany

    asked us to pay for the diagnostic and the repair.


    Apple USA once again warmed our hearts with their sincerest apologies

    and assured us that the problem would be taken care of,

    but, insisted that ... we quote,


    Apple USA: "The solution lies with you"




    We smiled.







    | Epilogue


    We smiled at the magical bankruptcy of the "New and Improved Apple"

    and decided that the solution does indeed lie with us.


    Consequently, the entirety of Apple's magical comportment and treatment of its customers

    will be documented in a short film entitled: 









    We will never again purchase an Apple product


    A company that doesn't comprehend that its customers are its greatest asset


    is an exquisitely magical failure.


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    Dear Apple242, is your MBP covered by Apple Care ?

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    Dear Apple242,


    where can I purchase tickets for the premiere screening? Your story reminded me a lot of mine, which was even more bizarre: I had to go to the Apple store at least a dozen times, all the while the Apple Care hotline guy guaranteed me I'll get a new MBP if the next reapair won't fix the problem, then budging out again with all sorts of lame excuses; people who were assigned to my case disappearing; spending hours and hours on the phone with Apple Care Germany (which is actually Apple Care Ireland, they don't have people in Germany.). Them telling me over and over again it's MY FAULT (the "solution lies with you" rings quite true). This was before Apple officiall acknowledged the problem, but I could reproduce the error @ the Genius Bar. They wouldn't care. At one point, they even told me my MBP has water damage (after they repaired it 10 days earlier!) and wanted to charge me. "Either you pay, or we check your MBP out again unrepaired and you can wait for another appointment". I stormed into the Apple store, and - magically - after two hours, they a) figured my MBP does NOT have any water damage, and b) couldn't figure out who called me. All the tech guys denied phoning me ... After I had my second new logic board, touchpad and keyboard would stop functioning every once in a while. They had me first a) take out my SSD and then go up to the Genius bar again, when they figured I installed my own memory banks, so they had me b) exchange those and go up to the Genius bar again, when they figured I installed software on my Harddrive, so they c) formatted it with a fresh set up of OS X and would finally acknowledge they screwed up so exchanged the logic board for the third time. Lucky for me - ALL the problems went away. And the MBP ran as smooth as ever. But - oh boy - the many hours and discussions it took me to get there ...

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    The interesting thing is there isn't actually an official genius bar in Ireland. They've outsourced to another crowd. AppleCare couldn't actually give me the address to get there when I called lol.


    One of the biggest disgraces is that they charge 350e for AppleCare in Ireland. They charge 350$ in the US. When you register with it online they ask you to select a country!!

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    Having same kernel panic shut down on MBP 17


    Shuts down on start up .... nothing works, inc start up from Mac OS X Install disc, crashes from safe mode install, freezes on start from start up manager


    Have no Apple Store here in UAE, dreading going to third party.


    Under warranty, but bought as a present so no receipt



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    I am adding my voice to the crowd.  I have exactly the same mid-2010 15" i7 MBP with the nVidia 330.  My first panic was several weeks ago, then about two weeks ago, and now every few minutes.  I have reviewed all 25 pages of posts and tried every option, short of replacing the LB.  I downloaded and installed the fix described in TS4088, to no avail.  The only thing that stops the crashes is setting gfxCard Status to integrated, and disconnecting my external monitor.


    Another quirk that I have experienced and that has not been mentioned, is that my mighty mouse / bluetooth sometimes becomes very flaky (I still use a mouse - preferred over the trackpad).


    As an electronics engineer with over 40 years of experience in both hardware and software, my conclusion supports the general feeling that the hardware is to blame.  Software doesn't overheat or deteriorate (especially since many have said that reinstalling Lion didn't help).  When hardware starts to fail, it does so in stages, and the rate of glitches will increase over time.


    Further evidence of hardware problems:  I have had Lion on this computer for months (and have updated to 10.7.2) with no panics - they just started happening recently.  After the first panic, my hard drive started to show signs of failing, so I replaced it with a 7200RPM drive, reinstalled Lion from scratch, and restored my system via Time Machine.  Everything worked fine for weeks before the panic showed up again.  The third one was a couple of days ago, and now it happens as soon as I enable dynamic graphics switching.


    I have a Genius appointment tomorrow morning.

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    Just wanted to post an update. As some of you might remember, I took my MBP to the Apple Store at the end of October 2011. They exchanged the logicboard. Since then, it has been working perfectly. No panics. No crashes. It seems, at least in my case, like it most definitely was a hardware problem with the logicboard. So, good luck to you all!!!

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    Just back from the Genius Bar - George told me that while they acknowledge the problem, they can't do anything unless they can replicate it.  So I sat in the store for 90 minutes, working on the computer, trying everything, and, you guessed, it didn't crash once.  So I got George to agree that if I bring it in "crashed" that will satisfy them.  In the meantime, he ran some store-only diagnostics, reset the SMC and PRAM, and stressed the video with an app that creates thousands of windows.  No crash.  We attached an external monitor, no crash.


    So I took it home, and set it up with my Cinema display and will wait for a crash.  Fortunately the Apple Store is only 4 miles from my house, so it won't be hard to take it in if and when it crashes again.

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    Almost at the end of the saga...


    After the video firmware update in late October my MBP did not start crashing again until late Decemebr, then got worse till it was crashing 4 times a day in late January.


    Called apple care (had already reported issue - so case was on file) managed to convince then that it was a hardware fault that required attention.


    Booked an appointment with a "Genius" at my local Apple shop with full details of case (after making a previous appointment to ensure that the part was available and I gould have it swapped out overnight - did not want to leave lapotop for any longer than i needed to).


    Showed up today and the Genius begun to go through hardware checks: "You and I both now what the problem is, but I have to go through the process".


    Upshot was yes we agree to upgrade logic board. It was done within an hour and back up and running (only glitch was the new logic board had a 2.66 and not the original 2.88 processor - will get that sorted next week).


    So the secret is to log the call with apple care and be persistant - not aggressive or demanding - bit of Dale Carnegie never hurt anyone.


    Stick with it guys and big thanks to Matt and Joel at Chermside Apple store.

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    Well, I never thought I'd be happy to see my MBP crash, but it did!  I took it to the Genius Bar in the crashed state, and this satisfied them.  They agreed to replace the logic board.  2 days later I have it back and it's working fine.  So far no crashes.


    One little glitch - when I picked it up they wanted to charge me $487.50 for the logic bard and $39 for the labor.  It took a request for the manager to get that straightened out.  No charge.  I am happy.

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    wibrandy, is there a way around this? - I use an external display and woul like to force it to stay on intergrated until apple fixes this.

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    walnut - please keep us updated, i've read that a replaced logic board doesn't help?????

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    awarrumbunglewest, based on my reading of this forum and my own experience, I don't think there is a software fix to this problem  It definitely appears to be a hardware issue, and the only solution seems to be a logic board replacement.  So waiting for Apple to fix it may not be not a solution - Apple has essentially fixed it, it's called later models of the MBP...  :-)

    By the way, mine has been working flawlessly since the logic board replacement.  I use an external Cinema display all the time.


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    allank, I agree with you, and with awarrumbunglewest in that it is a hardware issue. I suppose I was lucky enough, and persistent enough to have gone through it the way I did. I was out of warantee, but with a thoughtful letter (email) and a couple of trips to the genius bar, I ended up with a 2011 equivelent as a replacement.


    I was lucky enough to be able to reproduce the crash in store, before leaving with the 2010 after the logic board has been replaced.


    The genius basically said "we could keep replacing the logic board, and chasing the problem, but it seem to make more sense to just swap it out and get you back to work" He was also noticeably bothered, as I had been on him a little bit about it and my frustrations were quite visible. I tried to remain polite, though was fairly demanding during the process.


    I think the key to getting the answer you want is not making them feel like they are the problem (though from this thread it's hard not to think they are at least a little "involved" and part of the bigger problem.)


    In completion, first choice should be to get the machine replaced (IMHO the only "real" way to not have the problem), the second would be to keep going back and requiring they fix it until it's fixed truly.



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    here is what I did and (for now) it seems to be working, but I am not sure 100%, anyway here is the method:


    - Premise -

    Last october Apple released a patch for both Lion and Snow Leopard to fix NVRAM Kernel Panic, here are the links to download it again from apple support site:


    For Lion users:


    For Snow Leopard users:


    - "Fix" -

    So my method to fix the NVRAM kernel panic problem is to REINSTALL THAT PATCH EVERYTIME THERE IS A NEW OS X UPDATE and this seems to make my Mac Book Pro 15" mid-2010 working fine, so probably the problem is related to the standard OS X driver, but again I am not sure 100%.


    Please Note: If you want Apple to exchange your laptop or your laptop's board then don't try this method 'cause Apple's support will need first to replicate the problem on your laptop and this "fix" may make them unable to reproduce it!


    Hope this will help, cheers!

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