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hi everyone,


Recently, i've been to the apple store in perth several times to exchange 2 ipod touches, both for hardware and/or software issues (my original brand new ipod touch from myer had faulty volume and home buttons while my second one had really poor touch screen sensitivity and minor light leaks along the sides). at both times, the geniuses confirmed my issues straight away and went to get me a replacement. when i asked each one "is this a brand new one?", the first one said "yeah", but the second one said "it SHOULD be a brand new one". im not sure whether they were indeed 'brand new'. my original brand new (i am assuming) from myers had glue along the metal edge (though how many brand new ipod touches have glue along parts of the edges of the screen?) while the second one's screen hasn't been glued down properly, leaving the top left corner of the glass screen slightly raised. the current replacement i have now seems to be flawless except for the slightly loose power button. so i was wondering whether or not both these replacements were brand new? if they were really brand new, shouldn't both be practically flawless, and definitely shouldn't have such major issues such as a poorly sensitive touch screen? ( btw, the genius confirmed it was (quote): "a really unresponsive screen and should not have been passed as a replacement") also, would it really be that easy to get 2 'brand new' ipod touches from the apple store in perth? (both also had 1 - 3 minor but noticeable scratches when they were opened from brown cardboard boxes.) any suggestions appreciated!