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So the other day, a bottle of water leaked in my bag, and a little bit of water got into my iPod Touch (3rd gen). Not a lot was spilt, but it was enough to send my iPod into a bit of a hissy fit. On the advice from a friend previously in a similar situation, I put it in rice for a few days to dry out, and managed to get it working by restoring its factory settings. Now everything's all fine and dandy, except for a slightly water marked screen and a sticky home button, but, most importantly, the Wifi option in the settings menu is grayed out, and says 'No Wifi,' and I can't connect through bluetooth either. I've reset all Network settings, with no success, and reset all settings as well, and I'm now pretty sure this is a hardware problem caused by the water, but I thought I'd ask and check to see if anyone had any last ditch attempts at fixing it? I genuinely have very little money, and sure can't afford to get it repaired or get a new one, so ANY advice would be greatly appreciated

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