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    I was having the same issue the last few days and finally fixed it! I own a 1st Gen iPad, WiFi only (5.0.1). Virtually every app would crash after about 60 seconds. Maddening! I read through the posts here and took note of the suggestions McQ14 received. I no longer had "The Daily" app, but I did have "AppAdvice". I deleted it just in case (didn't ever read it anyway). I then attempted to sync with iCloud in the settings>iCloud>Storage&Backup screen. Guess what, screen crashed after by backup was only about 5% backed up! I went back into Settings and clicked the "Back Up Now" button again. Same result. I just kept telling it to backup over and over for about 8-10 times and then I noticed the progress bar was now going to about 10% complete before it crashed. Hey progress! After attempting about 5 more backups the bar finally went all the way to the right and completed my iCloud backup to 100%.


    This seemed to completely solve the app crashing problem. I went back to all the apps that were crashing before and the all work seamlessly, even the memory hogs.


    I hope this helps!

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    Dwight, thank you for this excellent response and help. Probably one of the most complete, best answers I've seen in the Help Forums, ever. I appreciate it very much.


    I will take a look at my crash reports. I did make sure that I chose to send crash logs to Apple automatically, so it's good to know that was the right move, too.


    I've saved your response so I can reference it in the future again.


    Again, thanks!

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    Surfsidedawg, thanks for this info. I will try to remove AppAdvice from my iPad (I use it more on the iPhone 4S and haven't had crash problems with it there) and will see if it helps alleviate the issue.


    Despite what the Genius told me, I still had a few apps crash on me since he did the Restoration on my iPad. However, I did notice that it doesn't run as sluggishly as it did before, so there was some bit of positive difference from the Restore.


    Looks like we're getting there, bit by bit.

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    Apple replaced my iPad, finally, after three trips to the Apple Store, and many other attempts to fix the iPad crashing issue. Interestingly, the managers at the Apple Store couldn't agree on the problem, or a solution, or even ackowledge more than that they do see it happening with other iPads. And three different Geniuses all gave different solutions that would, in one's words, "Absolutely fix the problem".


    After ten days with the new iPad, the issue persists. The Restores, fixes, replacements, etc., have all failed to stop the iPad from crashing during normal use.


    Don't know what else to do at this point.

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    If Apple were an auto manufacturer, they could be facing a voluntary or federally mandated recall of all iPads.  ("My headlights turn off when I pump the brakes.")  Apple is not, and instead is acting as if its customer base will forgive the company for this issue.  Those in corporate IT who committed a meaningful portion of their budget to purchase iPads and found them faulty are likely saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."


    Apple corporate made a nice gesture in offering to attempt to fix one individual's iPad issues and replace another user's system.  However, that is a form of co-opting, i.e., bring those who are raising issues onboard, solve their issues, and negative postings will disappear.  However, there are too many people posting and many others reading the postings to make the problem go away.


    The hopeful fixes, trips to the Genius bar, restores, and other potential solutions proved to be useless but were recurringly suggested as remedies.  Insanity is defined as doing the same over and over, expecting different results.  Apple apparently believes its customers are loyal AND insane.  BTW, I hope Apple apologized to the developers of "AppAdvice" and "The Daily" which the Genius Bar in December said was the base of the problem.


    iOS5 may have been put through a less than rigorous test and evaluation process (disclaimer: that's a charitable comment).  Don't know how it is working on the other platforms, but if it's failing on one then the fix has to be accommodated on all platforms.  Added cost.


    It would be heartening to hear that the problem is being fixed in the iPad3 but that's far from clear in corporate's response.  The system engineering may already be frozen and ready for production.  If so, the technical flaws could continue into the next generation.  But fixed or not, what happens to the iPad1 and iPad2 generations?  And would someone buy an iPad3 without assurances the problems have been fixed?


    Under full disclosure, between my wife and I, we own a MacBookPro, an iPad1, an iPod Nano, and two iPhone 4S.  Plus I purchased a MacBook Pro for my grandson.  Aside from the iPad issues, we are very satisfied customers.  We have made the commitment to Apple, and hope that Apple continues to make the commitment to its customer base to provide quality products.

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    I hear you, Dan. We've got 2 MacBook Pros, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones 4S (and one each of the previous 3, 3G, 3GS), 2 old Shuffles (still work!), 1 Classic iPod, and 1 iPod Touch.


    Like you, we qualify as Pro Apple, so I assure people that I'm not just ranting about bad service as a hater, which some people assume. Sadly, we're not seeing a proper, or even slightly reasonable approach by Apple Customer Service with this issue. While it may be true that right now, Apple can afford to thumb its nose at the little customers like me who have no real power to get them to listen, it may not always be that way. No company ever remains too big to fail, or can afford to treat its customers neglectfully forever.


    I would rather see Apple address this properly and continue to be successful, but if they don't pay attention, they will lose customers quickly. There's too much competent and hungry competition out there for them to stay on top while acting irresponsibly toward customers.

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    Hi.  I'm new here so I'm not so sure I know what I'm talking about but, has anyone considered that this may be a wi-fi problem?  I have crashes on my Ipad 1, (bought a used one since I couldn't afford the full price) and I have a history with Apple that goes way back. I use the Microsoft platform too. 


    To get back to the question.  I never had "Daily or AppAdvice" on my Ipad,  I have noticed that my Ipad (64G AT&T Wi-Fi, 3G 5.0.1) seems to crash when I've used it to move all over the internet or download App updates.  Today it crashed while attempting to load a video file from ITunes University. 


    Makes me wonder.


    By the way, you have been very helpful with all of the information you passed on MCQ14, DanDee and Surfsidedawg.  Thanks! 

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    Magpiebook, thanks for the input. So far, it doesn't seem to be related to my Wifi, so far as I can tell. Seems to close apps regardless of whether or not they are using an internet connection. It definitely does happen to apps that are connected, but non-connection-dependent apps crash too.

    Frustrating to nail this down.


    Sadly, AppAdvice did not respond to my letter to them. I don't know if they don't care, don't know what to say, or are simply too dependent on Apple for their own survival to get into this, but it's a shame, because some official genius bar folks are wrongly blaming them for this issue.

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    Update: I did receive a reply from AppAdvice. They do care. Also, for anyone who hasn't seen the related thread, here it is:


    A lot of good info in that thread that is extremely pertinent to this one.

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    there are other threads also dealing with this issue, and many of the senior technicians claim they have never hear of it.

  • McQ14 Level 1 Level 1

    I can't seem to get that link to work.

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    use the search bar and look for  "ipad safari crashing regulaly.  There are 35 pages of posts.

    I have been on the phone for at least 20 hr, returned my ipad 3X to the store, and apple has replaced it twice.

    It seems to be a function of IOS 5 and ipad 1

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    I know. I've been an active participant in most of the threads. I'm saying the link you put in to your post doesn't work.

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    since it is an https (vs. an http) it may be behind the sign in fire wall and cant be accessed directly.

    If you search in the search communities box for "ipad sarari crashing regularly" the link should come up

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    Like everyone else on this forum - I'm a pro Apple user and (in most cases) love the Apple experience but this incessant iPad problem is making me doubt Apple's commitment to custome service. I'm no technie so don't know what the problem is but I've tried all the suggestions - reset, full restore, deleted every app off the iPad so it's virtually empty(therefore what's the point in having it!), constantly deleting apps, clearing history, cache etc.....none of this actually fixes the problem and it seems to me that the bright sparks at Apple must know that there a fault in IOS5 and therefore they must (a) acknowledge this so that us loyal Apple users will hold the faith till they fix it and (b) tell us when they are going to fix it.


    Otherwise, this feels like Apple are starting to behave like Microsoft. Absolute power and all that.....